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  1. Looking for a good place to order some seeds from, I need it to be a legitimate site. Also need the site to be able to ship to the states.
    Thanks for looking and your input with really help me out!!!
  2. The most popular seedbank here is Attitude Seed Bank, I`ve used them a couple of times sofar and had no problems. Payments can be kind of tricky if you dont want to use your debit or credit card or thier not authorised for international use. Alot of people dont like using thier personal credit and or debit card and very few of the pre-paid ones in the stores allow international use outside of the U.S. or Canada.

    ATTITUDE SEEDBANK Cannabis Seeds
  3. Ive been looking at their site for a while now, I like how everything is set up. I have an account I use for just online shopping. Have you personally been a customer with Attitude?

  4. Yeah, I have orderd from Attitude twice sofar with no problems. They have monthly deals usualy starting at the begining of the month where if you order a certain amount or buy a certain strain or breeder you can get some seeds for free.
  5. There's a whole sub-forum on this topic here on GC...
  6. Attitude is were i ordered from and they threw in 8 free seed all dif kinds and femed.

    I wouldn't order from anywhere eles
  7. i've been ordering beans for about 8 years. most often i use dr. greenthumb, and seed boutique. i've used sannies a couple times and attitude. i've never not gotten an order. seed boutique use to be seeds direct, and once had awesome customer service. lately, the service has gone downhill though. they used to send an e-mail for every step of the process. now, they don't seem to be so concerned about keeping you appraised of the process. that's cool, but i like the old way. boutique has a great selection, and a lot of cheap knock-offs of popular strains. the knock-offs are pretty good! doc greenthumb has some awesome strains (he's a great breeder) but are a little pricey.
    boutique gives out some nice freebies too!!!
  8. Alright, thanks for all the input!!
  9. Single Seed Centre! Order single strains!!!

  10. Come on mate... Are you for real? Go to the fuckin Seed Bank section of these forums and there is a link in the stickys telling everyone what Legit Seed Banks are around...

    PLEASE: I am so sick of idiots not doing a search first. It is something I cannot tolerate at ALL!
  11. With all due respect aussie, although I understand your perspective (and I have no idea whether this is the case here), but sometimes people do read the stickies and scour the forums first, digest as much information as they can, and then feel as though they would like some fairly real time feedback so they post questions. Calling someone an "idiot" is leaping to a massive conclusion...

  12. Yeah ok... but seriously... It's so frustrating when I see these kinds of questions all the time... It's pretty simple to know is a site is legit or not... Google for one, 2: check if they have phone numbers, 3: Does the site look dodgy? If even a little bit, don't buy... SIMPLE rules really. I never use forums for feedback on ANY business I buy from online, and never once have I been ripped off just following them rules! :)
  13. What aussiegrower138 said.
    Search and read first, post second. (In the 'Seed Banks' section.)
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    Ummm, I think that's pretty much what I said Wardrobe...think about it...get back ta me; better yet, I'll have my people call your people.
  15. Listen, don't take your high-and-mighty attitude with me. I'm not interested in online disputes with characters who can't listen to good advice.
    Good luck with your grow and as I and others said, this topic was more appropriate in the Seed Banks section. Don't throw your pissy attitude in my direction.
    Take notice of the advice that's been given.
    Once again, my last word, I'm outta here.

    Do Have your people call my people. What the fuck does that mean? Wake up to yourself.
  16. Hahahahaha what the fuck?... Some people on these forums are so uninformed! I find it hilarious they come in with their unskilled ass and throw insults at someone who, no doubt, supplied hundreds of people in this country... with fine ass bud!

    Fuckin monkeys... SEARCH for shit before you come here... This is a community of intelligent people, we don't need dumb asses who can't use a search button!

    PEACE and all that crap!
  17. Yeah, thanks mate. Didn't think it was just the beer talking.

    Bottom line: seed bank questions belong in the Seed Banks section.

    Now back to my beers and cones. 53rd birthday today.
  18. ^ Shit... Happy birthday mate! Your 19 years older than me LOL!!!!
  19. Thanks, Ant. And they used to say I wouldn't make it to 50. (Used to drink a lot more than I do now.)

    34 is a good age. At your peak.
    Still, I enjoy the 'maturing' process.
    I'm actually getting half sensible in my old age and even a little bit responsible. (Perish the thought.)
  20. Hey guys the original poster may have made a simple mistake but no need to make it into more then that. Were all human and will make mistakes sooner or later that doesnt make us all idiots. Theres a vast amount of information here and alot of sub forums and that would make it easy for a new person to overlook something and sometimes search engines can bring up som many threads on a certain subject that for a new person they may not be sure where to start. If a mod felt the need to move the thread he would have done so.

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