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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Dreadlyfe, Jul 16, 2019.

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  1. I buy my non USA seeds from attitude. $50 green cash in an envelope with two forever stamps.
    I buy USA seeds from Mephisto with a USPS tracking number which makes my computer beep when the maillady puts them in my box.
  2. I got some Cinderella 99 and white widow from TrueNorth. They give a stealth shipping option and the beans are doing fairly well so far. Decent prices depending on what you get

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  3. I'm not in the US but I've used TrueNorth, which went very smoothly.
    They do offer a guaranteed delivery insurance option for US customers, with stealth shipping options, as was mentioned above.
  4. I just ordered like 5 different strains on TrueNorth and they call came fast and in original breeder packaging not tampered with and stuff, and all the seeds look dark and ready to pop :)

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  5. Been using nirvana for years fast free shipping with them.
    I used Truennorth earlier this year little slow processing order but was during 4/20 sale was happy with the seeds i got though.
    Il be trying some domestic companies out in a few weeks.
  6. Come on noone yet THE VAULT.
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  7. Seems no seed bank except prepaid Visa cards only master what's up with that?

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  8. it's the credit card companies / processors. NOT the seed bank's choice.
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  9. Sometimes it's Visa, sometimes Master. They almost all take bitcoin, but I don't know how to buy it. The most fun thing I do is put about $50 green USD wrapped in brown paper in an envelope with two forever stamps to UK. From my mail box to my mailbox. Now that pot is almost legal, it's the only risky thing I get to do anymore.
  10. I'm in FL and have successfully ordered and received from:
    Mephisto Genetics
    That's just a few sites I've used successfully...also they are in my top for satisfaction
  11. Right, no problem getting seeds in USA, just a constantly shifting cc problem, some months they work, other months declined. Seedbanks want the money, banks afraid of Federal Government. This is the world we created.
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  12. But by what payment method did you buy them?

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  13. Visa card some transactions....and online bank transfer on others
  14. Why forever stamps what's that all about.

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  15. Takes two Forever Stamps to cover postage to UK. You can go to the post office and hand it to them and even buy insurance, but it is not as exciting. About two week turnaround from my mailbox to attitude to my mailbox in the great illegal midwest.
  16. Bro you seem to get a rush just from the fact its illegal most would be sacred

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  17. It's not that it is illegal. It's that it is a miracle you can send cash in the mail. $50 is my limit though, any more and I would be a nervous wreck. Once I get the email from attitude they got my cash, it is just as boring as if I had used the cc. I live a very peaceful life, doesn't take much to get me excited. If sending $50 green cash in the mail is the most risky thing I do, the rest of my life is safe as milk.
    plus you get the cash discount
  18. Seedsman delivers to the US! No issues

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  19. I put an order in with them yesterday....transferred funds electronically via my banking app using Zelle......says I should receive my beans between August 20-27.....that's a bit longer than I have had to wait before with other sites

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