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  1. high i have been growing for my private stash now for like 10 years and i generally buy dutch passions seeds but seen this company that says the plants yeild 900g per plant the seed banks name is KC BRAINS. if any of you have bought seeds from this company can u like email me and tell me like if the seeds really yeild what they say thankks. peace
  2. Has anyone bought seeds from greybeard seed bank? If so like to know what your experience was
  3. It’s been mostly good. Everything I’ve bought was what it was supposed to be. Recently they fucked up an order. Paid for gdp from grand daddy genetics and they sent me purple confidential by mistake. That’s the only problem I’ve had. Legit bank to be honest.

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  4. Ok thanks
  5. Greybeard is legit. So is Great Lake Genetics and Buy Seeds Now. I’ve never had issues with those companies! Your 900grams per plant is grown in perfect conditions. You’ll be serious disappointed if you think you’re getting that for a yield, indoors, unless you have best lights and everything is on point! The fact that you’re asking about it, proves to me you’re not to that point!
  6. Buying seeds as pick and mix is sketchy as hell. You’d have NO breeder packs to prove you’re getting the real mccoy. Not very difficult to sell you questionable seeds, passed off as high quality genetics and you’d never be the wiser. That just makes it easier to get ripped off. No chance in hell I’d buy pick and mix, from a seed bank, unless I personally knew and trusted the operators. Sounds like a way to ensure shitty genetics! This industry needs regulations and consequences for ripping people off. You’ll find WAY more shady seed banks, on line, then you’ll find legit honest ones!
  7. The original poster probs has this figured out by now , at least id hope he has being it's been 19 years since he started this thread

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