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seed banks ?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by stinkbud, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. guys I need a seed bank that will take credit cards and deliver to the U S SO far only and cash and when you live in upstate newyork there aint many western unions around here unless there hidden in the cow pastures
  2. Go to your local grocer and see if they can make up a money order through .
  3. do not pay by credit card.....hell i'd send cash before i'd buy seeds using a credit card.....Peace out.....Sid
  4. go to the super market or post office and get a money order....
  5. yepyep, its wise to use cash to buy ANYTHING related to ur grow, even just soil and things, as far as I know the gov keeps 'suspicious' kinds of things like that on record if u buy it with a credit card. So money all the way my man, keep it safe.
  6. thanks guys Im gonna have to try the grocery store what i was gonna do was use my buddys credit card and have them go over there

  7. Nah you'd possibly be throwing drama his way.
  8. Go to a cash shop and get a gift credit card they cost like $5 and they you dont need to give them any info you just have to be 18 or older hope this helps. o i have a question has any one bot from and if so are they good.
  9. I always send cash in the mail to seed banks and never had a problem.

    Try the Mystic Green from PottysWorld, his prices are kick ass, quality is superb, and he'll ship to the states... just tell him "robbieboy" sent ya :wink:
  10. I buy seeds from a seed bank where they will hide your purchase. Say it is $32 from around the world seed company <---- this is a mock company. The bill will read $29.92 from Monjo hair supply. Nice discreet shipping and charging.
  11. This thread is 5 and a half years old, lol.
  12. someone replied to his old post. probably doing their own seedbank seaching. lol
  13. i'm so blitzed and i just read this thread and i think its the funniest thing ive ever seen. the people replying were so adamant with their answers they had no idea the original starter had already been arrested for using a gift card(to buy pot?) 4 yrs ago.
  14. Hilarious! OMG! I was one of the dumb asses that answered! Hahaha.....why I laugh?
  15. I agree. Paying by credit card is a heat score. It can be easily traced back to you. Cash is king. Try they deliver worldwide (including the U.S.) and they guarantee delivery.
  16. anyone know if those cash cards are save to use on seed purcheses? idk if anyone has seen wut im talking about but they are like credit cards but you buy them in stores almost like a gift card and then you can use them online like a credit card idk.
  17. its kinda cool, i was wondering about this myself and just havent asked about it yet. :D
  18. takes money nd they have some good bud. its expenisve though, which prolly means its great. half there stuff is for award winning new strains. check it out :D
  19. I purchased their Mystic green and Southern skunk,the MG was well worth the money,yet to try the skunk.:smoking:

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