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  1. Is Attitude a reputable company with decent seeds like, Barney's or Reserva? I have heard stories of crushed or weak or tiny seeds. Is it a "get what you pay for"thing? It's like, I have made a few orders and reserva sprouted in SEVEN hours and have limited luck with others, but I was trying to be thrifty also. I have heard great things about the Reserva, Barney's, Serious, DNA, G13....
    Any opinions on the good brands from which to choose?!?! Please!! I'm on a LIMITED income and just want to get a few good ones as they also give my freebie treats.

    Also, if anyone has gotten the hemp travel document case, is it cool?
  2. I love the tude...funny you mention barneys and reserva, my second to last order was a ton of G13 pineapple express, blue venom, white widow, etc , got a bunch of Barneys Freebies (one I'm growing now), my order which should be here any day now I got all Reserva Privada, DNA Genetics, and Barneys Farm again.

    I can't express how much I love the 'Tude, will NEVER go anywhere else. No problems ever. :wave:

  3. That's cool, what do you think of those particular brands of seeds?:D
  4. I've heard good things about Attitude...

  5. Oh no, I know that but, Barney's, DNA, Serious? What brands to choose FROM attitude...:eek:

  6. Oh, I misunderstood your question. I've never ordered from them, but like I said I did some research and discovered attitude was the place I would order from when I began growing in the future. I've heard great things about Barney's, but I've never heard about DNA or Serious. I'll let someone who has some actual experience ordering from Attitude answer this question.
  7. Attitude is legit & will treat you right. But they're only resellers & have no responsibility for what they sell.
    Stick with good breeders. I've been hearing a few bad things about Barney's but I did grow out an excellent Vanilla Kush from them last year.
    Since then I been on a tear with Sannies. Excellent genetics, Jackberry, KO Kush & their version of Jack Herer.
    sensi seeds. on the expensive side
    The list is a long one. Check out the seed bank forum & the stickies therein.
  8. Well this is what I've grown so far...

    Nirvana-Short Rider

    Barneys Farm- Blue Mammoth (This was a freebie)
    World of Seeds- Afghan Kush Ryder x2 (I bought a 3x pack one seed I left alone)
    Samsara Seeds- Super Sonic Cristal Storm (this was a freebie)

    G-13 Labs- Pineapple Express
    Nirvana- Bubblelicious
    Nirvana- Blue Mystic
    Holy Smoke- Strawberry Diesel (back when attitude had them in stock, no chance of getting them on the 'Tude now, always out of stock with these fem seeds)

    MY SEED COLLECTION (Not a ton of space to grow,but I have a lot of seeds waiting to be germ'd)

    G-13 Labs- Pineapple Express
    G-13 Labs White Widow
    G-13 Labs Blue Venom
    G-13 Labs Blueberry Gum

    DNA Genetics-LA Confidential

    Reserva Privada-
    Skywalker OG
    Purple Wreck
    OG Kush (August monthly promo Freebie form the 'Tude)
    Kandy Kush

    Cali Connection- Blue Dream Haze (came as a freebie for spending a lot of money lol)

    Barneys Farm
    Pineapple Chunk (freebie)
    Critical Kush (freebie)
    Violater Kush

    Female Seeds-Purple Power

    Nirvana- Blue Mystic


    I have a few other seeds from Dinafem that come as freebies, a few autos that came as freebies (I don't like doing auto grows much, but when I get enough seeds I go for it, doesn't take long to grow from seed to harvest, so why not?) Got some Royal Queen seeds, tried germin' their Northern Lights Auto and it never popped, it was a freebie, but I really wanted to try it.

    I have a ton of bag seed, but all the seeds I've bought on the 'Tude and all the freebies they have sent me have ALL been feminized seeds..including autos. You can opt to get 'regular seeds' as your freebies instead, they just give you 2-reg seeds instead of 1-fem seed, but for my situation I need a sure thing, and for the most part fem has always worked out for me.

    I have more seeds, but I don't wanna get them out of my jar in the fridge and figure out their names, haha. Maybe later I will snap a pic and figure out what else I got in there. Hope that helped, later. :bongin: :wave:

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