seed banks ,wont take Master Card??

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  1. So I seen my favorite seed bank(HERBIES) doesn t take credit cards and worst of this is that many others don t take master card .I ve bought plenty of seeds without a problem and now this.I m trying to find a decent bank who s repitable and sells ,grand daddy purple regular.I ve went threw one of theese list s but theres all these new strains and I want the older ones .If anyone knows of a bank that take s Master Card please let me know..
  2. Sometimes depending on what site you are ordering on you might have to unlock your account for international purchases
  3. Really???I used the card with Herbies many times ,IDK stressed out ,I can t believe they stopped taking CC s it sucks because I was gonna get the GRAND DADDY PURPLE REGULARS finally ,
  4. I ordered my seeds from the Netherlands got some northern lights seeds and they threw in 3 free ak 47 seeds it took me 2 weeks to figure out why it wouldn't accept my credit card but as soon as I unlocked it for international ordering it worked I would start there
  5. Thanks for the info,I ll definitly check that out, The other problem is that none of the seed banks even take a master card now.
  6. I will check it out,You guy deliver to the US..
  7. Herbies including lots of others have stopped accepting credit/debit cards. Msnl , true North, and couple others still accept card and I'm sure you'll be able to find GDP if not something better from them.

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