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  2. I use Gorilla Seed Bank, they have been successful 4 out of 4 times for me, giving them my double thumbs up. also, they are always good for freebies and a coupon code if you ask them nicely. Gorilla is active on the GC forums which is also nice @Gorillaseedbank

    i'm not employed by them, just a happy customer.
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  3. Cant speak for narvina from experience but hear many good things. Gorilla on the other hand has came through every time i order. Imo, gorilla has a better selection anyways and are helpful if customs issues arise.

    Best of luck on your soon to come ladys op!

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  4. The vault UK based waiting on an order I'll let you know how it goes

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  5. The gorilla is Legit . The vault is legit as well . Both I believe are in the UK and both ship to the U.S. .. Swim can sleep easily ordering from easier one of them 2 banks . Not sure about herbies or attitude
  6. The gorilla is legit however they charge a $15 shipping fee which makes your cost ridiculous. One of my seeds arrived cracked arrived and it took them days to even respond. Try looking up "i love growing marijuana" while I've never used them, I learned a lot from watching that dude's guides and info. Super cheap too. Its up to you tho, the 3 seeds i bought were $50 on gorilla, on ilgm it was $25. Up to you tho man
  7. Lol drop the swim dude. No one does that in years.

    No one cares you have a small op. Trust me.
    Herbies,nirvana,sensibleseeds, are top notch

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  8. Nirvana, sweet seeds and Seedsman have all delivered to east coast us. My only problem was Seedsman shipment I got yesterday had a pack of Dutch Passion that had no seeds in the Frisian Duck pack. With all the freebies I am not too bummed as I picked up about 20 seeds with 8 free. Working with Seedsman and see what solution they offer.

    nothing is too hard for those who do not have to do it for themselves
  9. Highgrade seeds .
  10. I've heard good things about Gorilla Seed Bank but from experience I've never had an issue with Attitude Seeds or Single Seed Centre good luck on your future grow stay lifted

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  11. Seedsman resolved the Dutch Passion packaging issue in 24 hours. ThANKS Ruth!

    nothing is too hard for those who do not have to do it for themselves
  12. Bonza seeds took good care of me

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  13. True north seed bank.

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  14. Attitude always does good for me. Anybody else use them?
  15. I'm gonna move this to the forum that deals with seed may find what you need in other threads the section as well...
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    James Bean Company.....Based here in the US....quick shipping and less likely to be fucked with by customs.

    They dont have a ton of selection but most of the genetics on the site were bred here in the states too which is cool, and no questionable autoflower or fem seeds.
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  17. GLG, SVOC, GreenLine Organics, Substrate Genetics, and Beanbid are just a few US seed banks
  18. attitude - six years no problems.
  19. Ive used supreme seeds. They come right from the breeders. Although it will look like you got nothing when you get your package they put them inside cardboard pens. You slice them open and your seeds will be inside the pen

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