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Seed Banks that deliver to the U.S.

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by CaliGrower, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Please list the seed banks that still deliver their goods to the U.S.
  2. Yes, all three.
  3. maybe people should stop making these threads since the feds have been known to monitor them...
  4. Perhaps. However ordering from a UK or Netherlands Seedbank is generally safe. Seed sales are legal in those countries. (it is not legal to germinate those seeds in the UK however :rolleyes:)

    Another seed bank currently shipping to the US is: Seeds Directâ„¢

    For a limited time, they are also offering free shipping on all orders.

  5. does seeds direct take credit card?
  6. Absolutely, and did I mention that the shipping is free? ;)

  7. Bad idea to use a credit card to order seeds - credit card=paper trail. Sure way to get busted.
  8. I have tried HGS.

    I understand that mistakes happen but not answering emails and banning someone from their forum for wondering where his $120.00 worth of guaranteed delivery seeds are at is not a mistake.

    So far this 5 day express delivery and their guarantee hasn't worked. It has now been 16 days. I have no seeds and apparently no guarantee either since they won't even reply to my email.

    Rhino seeds has always come through for me. Just be careful of HGS. You might get them but if you don't their guarantee is crap. Also don't think that buying over $100.00 like their website says will get you express delivery. All that gets you is a lame ass excuse and a half hearted apology. Just be careful dealing with these worms.
  9. you know i am really paranoid about it. but i paid for mine through SD with cc. because quite a few people here told me that they usually dont do anything except for a letter w/ no seeds but shit i dont see why they would even check if your not drawing attention to yourself but then again i do just grow for my personal use.
  10. im feeling the same way, i just cant bring myself to order any seeds yet, im still very unsure as to who i should buy my seeds from and what payment method i should use.
  11. Just pay in cash, it's the safest way to order. Credit card is not good.
  12. What's the return address say? Is it discreet?
  13. No it's Not discreet at all they come in a LARGE oddly shaped bright yellow box " labeled MJ Seeds".....with a return address "The Marijuana Seed Company"......Amsterdam,Holland......:eek:
    Nice try LEO......."Here Kitty......Kitty" :wave:
  14. cash isnt safe, money oders are.

    one time my money order got lost in the mail so i had to wait 1 month to get my money back but if it was cash that would of been gone
  15. use seedbay.com or seedboutique.com. Send a money order and use regular old postal to send your payment. Dont use UPS or fedex.
  16. i like www.dutchbreed.com they evan have a forum that gives seeds away monthly and if you e-mail the company they can get pretty much any strain you want

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