Seed bank that ships to US and takes card

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  1. my first option was attitude because of their promotions.. but I’m open to options now that I find out they don’t take card.

    I’m trying to buy tga & reserva privada seeds
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  2. What kind seeds you looking for autos or photoperiod

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  3. Specifically Reg seeds from TGA Subcool Seeds and some feminized from reserva privada seeds
  4. I think attitude still takes credit cards just prefer not to and offer discounts for alternative payment methods. I placed an order not long ago and paid by cc. Perhaps they've recently changed?

    "Because of ongoing problems with the credit cards providers such as Mastercard or Visa who do not support our industry and refuse to work with any cannabis seed related business we are forced to look for alternative payment methods to be able to fulfil our customers’ needs. The online payment by card is probably the fastest option for both customer and ourselves, but the very negative attitude of cc companies makes the whole thing extremely hard. We would like to encourage our customers to try different options by giving extra discounts and free seeds."
  5. Try GYO.GREEN
  6. Why not try a seedbank inside the US? I know of a few good ones.

    DC Seed Exchange - Hazeman. Doc D Seeds. Mass Medical Strains. Mosca. Mesphito. (Google their site)

    HeadieGardens - Bodhi. Dominion. Strayfox. (HeadieGardens is an Instagram approach bank. No website)

    Hella Dank Seed Co - Irie. Bros Grimm. TGA. Mesphito. (Google their site)
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  7. I've been having a ball at cheesy name

    cannabisseedsforsale .com

    here Get exclusive Reserva Privada online! | Cannabis Seeds

    good luck
  8. Turns out attitude will process your order over phone with cards!
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  9. I'm looking for Grandaddy Purple. Some Kush and Blueberry,gorrilla glue Blue Dream
    . I tried seedsman and they don't accept cards either, so I tried bitcoins and I was up all nite. Then I got paranoid with signing up for bitcoins. They wanted a live picture and picture of drivers liscense front and back.
    I'm still looking for seeds. Does anyone know how to get in touch with montrabel?
    Thanks Dale
  10. Why not try attitude seeds? Great seed bank.

    If you put in the order with cash option (or whatever, it's just easier with an order on file to pay for) then call them to pay with card they will take it.
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  11. Umm... I ordered from Seedsman and paid with a card. Not to mention that their website even specifically states they accept Credit/Debit Cards and they also accept Cards over the phone... So I'm not sure where you're seeing they don't accept cards.
  12. I found out they take cards but you have to call bank and have them take the block off.
    Thanks Dale
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  13. I think Dutch passion now ship to USA and they also invented the feminsed cannabis seed and helped pioneer the auto strain. They know everything about weed and so far all seeds are good, apart from one

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