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  1. Hey everyone,

    Does anyone here have any first hand experience on the website If so, any review or details would be appreciated. I’m hesitant to send cash as it’s the only form of payment they except and there are no refunds. Also says something about 3rd party shipping so I’m kinda skeptical about not being able to cover my bases if is. Got a pack of Wedding Cake f4 from Seed Junky’s and don’t feel like sending out a nice chunk of change just to get my boots smoked. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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  2. Dont even pull up for me...says it dont exist....u got a link?

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  3. Not looking good from no one answering. I tried emailing the company and my email was returned.
  4. Yah, I wouldn't buy or sell with that.
    Long time ago I tried to sell seeds, it's a screwy market full of issues.
    Better times had other ways..
    Why don't you just grow your wedding cake f4?
  5. All u gotta do it google n see if it legit or not ull find ur answer

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  6. Looking to buy, not sell.
  7. And I did google. If you google it no reviews come up.
  8. No reviews is a red flag ..
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  9. Yeah i couldnt find any info on it

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