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  1. newbie!
    ok so i bought 20 super iced grapefruit seeds from gorilla seed bank. the first batch was caught by customs so gorilla did a reshipment. when the reshipment arrived i wasnt to happy with the look of the seeds, i was expecting some big grey stripped seeds but i got small light greenish looking seeds. germination was really poor. not sure if it was my mistakes but out of the 20 only 3 came out, i did them in batches of 2 and i tried different methods. anyway ive got 2 issues.

    The first seed that popped the leaves were really skinny, like a sativa, i was growing in coco and after a week or so i fed it some less than quarter strength advance nutrients part a and b and a couple days after the leaves burned and the plant eventually died. i fed it early because the leaves were light light green and i assumes it needed some food.

    The second seedling is currently doing ok at 1 week and 4 days old, ive change from coco coir to a soil mix and this seedling looks alot different, the leaves are nice and broad like an indica strain.

    so my 2 issues are these:

    1) why do i have 2 different looking plants when they all supposed to be the same strain? did i received some mixed up shitty seeds?

    2) ive attached a picture of the current seedling and all its leaves are pointing upwards. i have it about 5 inches away from a T5 VHO 4ft light fixture. is this pointing normal? does it want to go closer? should i put it closer? the other seedling jus popped like a couple days ago and it was in coco coir and i placed it under light about 6 inches and the leaves started to turn yellow so i placed it out in the sun and now its turning green again slowly......ive heard that coco sometimes contains alot of salts, cud that be the culprit in why my seedlings are turning yellow?

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  2. The leaves pointing up is fine

    And why do the plants look different? It's mother nature
    Show me 2 plants that look exactly the same...
  3. oh ok. i see. but it was like a huge different. looked like 2 totally strains, one shitty sativa and one really banging indica. but i understand the chance of them not being identical
  4. Woo woo

    Shity sativa?

    Sativa over indica anyday
  5. lol no well i mean it looked an ordinary bag seed sativa from a shitty strain. not a good sativa from good genetics
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  6. Leaves grow up when first appearing then rest when they get bigger, but im a noob. They dicked you dude IMO striped seeds are best at popping though I don't germinate. Green or yellowish seeds are undeveloped
  7. hmmmmmmm so who can i trust for good genes? the breeder name was "feminised seeds"
  8. Everytime I see a seed thread there is 10 people recommending The Vault seed bank , so I would try there.
  9. ok
    checking them out now!
  10. Hi. Yr story is like mine!!!! Are we grow twins lol. Ive grown siol for yrs but decided to do a few seeds in coco(jack herer) and choose best for a new mum. Yellow leaves etc etc.. i just persivered and they are now 3and a half weeks including germination. My ph was a little low at 5.5 and tds way too high. Once corrected they are nice and green and roots are nice. Just get ya ph rite and even though i only gave a quater of nutes it was too much. I used stim and multi and a ml per liter canna a and b max. Now tgey brill. Im under t5 too but babies getting a bit big so need to tranfer to tent etc. I did panic and put one of babies into siol but left rest in coco. Only watered ph water to siol one and is healthy but not as good as coco babies now got em sorted. my piont is keep it up . Lower yr nutes. Oh i did do a folior spray of stim and still do. . Good luck .. they will come right . If worried flush in ph water then little nutes then leave. Shud pick up in a few days xxx
  11. Ps the pionting up leaves worried me too. After around 4 days ish they was lovely. Oh and yes all plants different so i no wat ya mean love. Good luck love. I hope it goes ok for ya too xxxx
  12. yeh i live in a shitty county so i have to order a ph meter. i have no idea what my ph is currently.....
  13. Im betting that ph is defo ya problem love. As soon as ya get ya ph tester then flush with ph water around 5.8 to 6.0 . Then do a feed with nutes but really tiny amount. An eight at most of wat says on bottle. See wat happens but they shud pick up love. Keep humidity and ya temp good and they stand a chance till ya tester comes shortly. Goid luck love and let me no wat ya ph was etc as will give us clue how to fix and if ph was problem . I reckon it is so get onto supplier for ya tester love. All the best. Ya will be ok love xxx
  14. Have ya a garden center(supplier) near you.? A strip ph test kit with papers wood do till ya tester comes. Or a fish/ pet store? I think they may sell ph paper strips or ph liqid test kits for the fish tanks if stuck.. i live in uk so lucky as got lots of hydroponic shops only about ten miles away but ya can get em online too. Gud luck and hope tester comes soon love xxxx
  15. It's genetics that makes them look different. From every four seeds two parents produce you get an average of two that have genes split evenly and are a good mix and one more like dad and one more like mom. Just genetics.
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