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See you all in november

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by akforty7s, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Well, I never thought this day would ever come, but it did.
    Finally got my court shit dealt with and the end result was:
    Continuance without a finding; for 6 months. I got my paraphernalia charge dropped, along with another bs charge, so in all I just got a small poss. of class D. Still, because I had so much shit in my car, Im getting random screens. Gotta call a number every single day, and if my color is said on the recording, I get to go piss in a cup. I havent smoked since May 25th, and this is the longest I think I have gone in like 8+ years. I almost forget what it feels like to be high, it fucking sucks. Just looking at my bong, makes me so sad. I want to milk that beast and cough my lungs out. God I miss it so much :mad:

    Anyways, not much else to be said. My probation ends sometime in November, and as much as I love GC, reading the boards just makes me angry/jealous, so I think its best if I just stay away.

    I'll be back bitches

  2. Wow... good luck homie. ^_^ Godspeed.
  3. I have long since forgotten what it's like to be high. Yes, it sucks, but its easy to pull through. Lucky for us, weed leaves no lasting beatdown on your body for cravings.
  4. dude i hear you, i was in the same boat as you not too long ago. no worries my friend, just get on top of things and take care of your shit. i just got off probation and it feels awesome. just let this be a learning experience for you man. you can make it!

  5. yeah man I have been on probation too and just got off recently. Theres nothing that feels better than getting all your law related shit taken care of and then smoking without having to worry about piss tests and cops. Its really made me appreciate weed more
  6. Good luck.
  7. wow that sucks, i got my court date in like a week
  8. Absolutely. ^ Take care akforty7s! We'll miss ya.
  9. that really sucks. Just make sure you dont forget about grasscity when you get off probation.
  10. all the effort you are making will ultimately pay off! peace.
  11. Take care, man!! :wave:

    Lookin forward to your return!
  12. Damn man, not one of the Blades from Mass. Good luck with everything, my next bowl is now dedicated to you.
  13. Good luck with everything, ak! I know what you mean about getting jealous when reading the posts. I've hung in there for 7+ months, though. Whether you're tokin' or not, you're always welcome here so if you get bored, drop in and let us know how you are! :)
  14. ya when i crave i always crave taking a huge milker and coughin like a bitch haha
  15. Sometimes you gotta to do what you gotta to do...the world will turn, just hang in there....
  16. Feel for ya bro, probation sucks.. Don't know why, but being on probation never phased my smoking, somehow I'd be able to smoke and still pee clean. o_O Don't ask me why, maybe I'm really healthy or something?
  17. you will be missed, and don't forget to find your way back to the City every now and again to say hi and tell us how yas doin. Good luck and have fun on the break b/c when you come back to the bong its gonna feel great. :D See ya round bro. JOE>
  18. we will be waitin for you ak, for sure
  19. The non-high life is so dull, how can anyone live in it without bud :smoking:???
  20. Well.. pretty much at the half way mark (almost). Havent smoked bud since may 25th (went out with a bang, bought an 8th of headies and smoked it all in one sitting with some friends). I might say that I feel a lot more clear headed, a little more motivated to do random tasks.. but god damn.. Once a stoner, always a stoner. I say to people, "Yes, I am a pothead, I just cant smoke pot right now". Its so hard sometimes seeing my friends smoke in front of me and just getting that little hint of the smell.. grr.
    My bong is just growing dust in my room and I look forward to milking it again. I almost caved in and sold it, but decided I knew I would miss it once my probation was over. So untill then (november).. Stay high


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