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    Came across this website today. Pretty interesting, it a compilation of databases to see who owes you what. By who I mean random companies that never sent you that check, yet still have you listed as owing money to you.

    Here's the website (

    Btw another fun thing to do, is just enter a last name like "Smith" and in the location enter ZZ (searches all listings), and see how many hits you get! You may even be able to claim money that belongs to dead relatives!

    And who knows you might find some money that was floating around, and get some dank budz, or that piece you've been eyeballin' (you know the one :smoking:).
  2. Apparently pottery barn owes me 135.67 for a table and chair set.:mad:

  3. Dude get on that shit, and get your money!
  4. I would but i never bought a table and chair set so Im gunna spend my time trying to stop Identity Theft.
  5. im not owed anything...kinda saddening actually:(
  6. lol what how the fuck would it know anything like that, in a 3 second search with just than info
  7. Looks like NY isn't a part of it. :( Guess my money will still be lost, thanks anyway OP.
  8. Damn I'm not owed anything either :(

    My dad is owed "over $100" apparently, though
  9. I did this a while ago since Best Buy owed me a paycheck I never picked up. Took a long time for that measly $80 to come in. Then they attached some fee to it even though it says it wouldn't for under $100.

    But whatever it was money I had forgotten about.
  10. You should tell him. There's 30+ billion unclaimed dollars just sitting out there! If you have any dead relatives you should type in their names too, you might be able to claim that money (or let a widow, or another relative know). I know that sounds kinda bad, but that money could come in handy.

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