See what you think of my Hydro set-up(Please note any flaws you see)

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  1. Ok... this is all hypothetical and i thought I'd make a diagram before I get a grow started. I took the bucket bubble system and made some rivisions to make it usable in a smaller grow space easyer. Please note that in each of these grow buckets will have an air pump and an air stone in the water. How it works is your basic bubbler bucket grow, but it has a recycling water system with one resivor with input and out put tubes connected to each bucket that is pumped and then recycled at a slow rait by a water pump in the main resivor which ill putall my ferts into and then it will be filtered threwout each of the smaller buckets. Picture Here.

  2. Also, my main consern is that the water will get to high, but if the pump has an output suction that shouldn't be a problem am i right?
  3. Nice, I just don't like the idea of water underneath my plants. Here is a picture of the hydr setup I use

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  4. cool setup man....sorry u cant come to the usa anymore lolz...
  5. I can't go to the US anymore (been there 7 years ago and liked the people very much) but I can send the specifications of a set up like this (by e-mail) Question is are the items you need available in the US (I know they are in the UK these days, some smart asses buy intire growshops in Holland and sell them twice the price in the UK. A setup like this one (for 7 plants) will cost you about 400 euro (everything included)
    You can harvest every 9 weeks and it will deliver you between 400 and 600 grams (if you use 1 lamp).

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