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  1. i just got done looking this book over, and i have to say i am convinced that it's 100% truth, i did not see any nutes used, no big fancy grow crap,
    i did look at the sticky on c.f.l. lights here on the site, major rep on that.
    so i was wondering if anyone ever tried this i have 10 lowryder 2 seeds fem,
    that i am going to try, i am either going to waste money or have a great crop.
    now i know people on here hate M.G. i do to, to a point but ill be damned if that book was not for real.
    i broke it down to myself in two ways
    1.flower small and keep things tight.
    2.i dont grow to sell so what the hell do i need to get a big ass light for
    that sucks the hell out of the electric .
    i do have one but why not try this, i think i have fell into this grow trap of every one having the best nutes lights filters and what not, buy this to fix that
    what ever happened to kiss, keep it simple stupid,
    for one the wave spectrum of c.f.l. promotes resin production more so than any hps, could ever do, sure the draw back is that the yield is not fat and plump, but the book said not so, i have to believe this right, i have allot of grows under my belt, hell even tried to share one on here, just got one response so i stopped but the yield sucked, and i had a 400watt hps going.
    and to that all the nutes and crap going into this plant was stupid now that i think of it,
    more plants flowered small means more bud and weight in the end. simple.
    logic would dictate this, it's a fuckin plant, light and water it grows. all this buying more crap than needed is crazy.
    if you could get the same results with cfl as hps in a smaller plant with better resin, and shorter time why not do this. sorry for the rant but i will be trying this, some one please help out with info.
  2. damn it i am so high i put this in the wrong place, hey mods could you please move this to the right place, thank you.

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