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    just download onto limewire or other download client.

    ive already watched all.

    the 2nd and third of the series are a little choppy but all in very decent quality.

    [Marijuana]SeeMoreBuds.Vol.1-3.DVD.rips (download torrent) - TPB

    The only other relevant vid for me was their newest PDF.

    '8oz of bud for less than $100', however the only initially get around 2.5 off one plant while starting 2 clones with the seedling so it is misleading but iam actually gonna try 3 plants using the same method.

    here is the link for that: Marijuana BUDS for less - Grow 8 oz. of bud for less than $100 b (download torrent) - TPB


    by submitting these links i only intend to show people that the information is out there, and i hold myself unaccountable for the actions of others to be easily mislead in the pirating of these documents.
  2. be sure to have adobe as well, because the last video is a pdf.

    still very goood

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