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  1. Just a quick post to remind everyone that security need to be #1 issue with you all. I got a call today from the house. It seems that there have been some burglars in the county where I live robbing people's houses while they were at work. The sheriff has decided to step up patrols to find them. Today they were going door-to door checking on locks, open windows, etc. If I hadn't been lucky, they would have seen more than an unlocked door at my house. Thank God for good karma and good luck.

    Think hard about growing and think harder about security! Just because you have never seen a police officer in your area doesn't mean that one just won't show up out of the blue and decide to look your property over. Its a lot easier to hide your hobbies than have a lawyer try to throw out an arrest because of a lack of a warrant.

    This has been another friendly tip from your friends at
  2. Good to see Big Poppa Puff lookin out for everyone. Peace Out Cocodile.
  3. Here's another tip:

    "Never trust an electrician any further than you want to run an extension cord."

    Sorry Ndica, LOL, I couldn't resist.
  4. Of shit I forgot to add this to my security tips.

    old big brush piles and dozer piles are excellent places to grow outdoors. the ground is usually topsoil that's been pushed up and the brush and debris make a good camoflage. If they have been abandoned for a long time they are overrun with briars and other sticky things that keep people out.They usually have plenty of other semi-woody stalked plants that your old smoky plant blends in. And peopl have good intentions of burning them so they are usually out in the open getting plenty of sunlight. So keep your eyes open for an old brush pile that hasn't been touched for a couple of years and think about it as an outdoor grow site.

    And if its got pokeweed growing there already, you can bet your ass that your plants will do fine.

  5. OK,,,what I do....?

  6. Seems like ya can never be truly prepared! last week I was fixin' to fire up a bowl, (my office is out in the sticks,out by the swamps) Looked up the long Driveway, to see 2 Sheriffs cars coming up the drive!!!!! OMG, Mind goes hyper, what the FUCK would they want with me ( I believe I'm past the statute of limitations on any chargeable violations, lol ) Step out to meet them, and the Deputy asks for my boss and her Husband!!!! Seems they inadvertantly missed a court date, involving a contested hospital bill!! They loaded them up and hauled them off, but I contacted some local Law Enforcement Officials we know thru the dispatching service, and they were released on O.R.> Had the ole' heart a bumpin' for a minute though!! :smoking:

    At work one day, friend gets a call from his 9yr old son, says Mom has had a seizure, he's called 911, and Firetrucks and Cops are coming down the road, get home! Friend FREAKS, as they have a "PhotoTron" in their walk-in closet, with a Beautiful plant budding, and closet door is ALWAYS open! Gets home to find Wife recovering nicely, Emergency personell friendly and leaving!! Son says, "Dad, I called 911, made sure Mom was ok, then moved your stuff to close the closet door!! Put his hands on his hips, and says with pride, "I just figured it's was nobodies business, like ya said!!"
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  7. Without going into much detail,,A time ago,A 3 man Med grow of 15 years came to an end one day property neighboring the grow.,,was sold,,new female owner,and realtor came to say "Hi neighbor" while commercial ion generator was on the fritz,,odor was obvious,,they reported it,,shit happened,2 men charged,,,1 was not resident,,and remains uncharged, and has restored an alternate means for the service of Med growing to those affected.

    As BPP says...Security First...

    That man must be very proud of that 9yr old boy...I know I would be.....


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