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  1. hi, my friend grew some weed outside last year and it ended up being stolen and another friend of mine had about 4 really nice plants out in his back yart that got robbed too. im going to be planting outside in the woods and i was just wondering if anyone had and ideas or tactics that they themselves used to deter people from getting near your crop. im not talking about any shotgun shells rigged to a mousetrap. something non harmfull if you will.
  2. Well what I was thinking about doing was just putting up a sign saying something like "take some but think about how much work was put into these..dont' kill them"
    I don't know how well that will work, but it's worth a shot eh.
  3. dont listen to that clwon ^. if your growing in the woods try to mix it in with some posion oak patche. It looks very simlilar to pot from afar. Also make sure if theres trails around put it at least 30 feet away from the trail. And you also said that your friends got it stolen from their backyards. Tell your friends they are retarded and laugh in their face when your smoking your own weed you grew i nthe woods safely and soundly :)

    -c0ke happy Growing Bro!
  4. The best security system i know of is to keep your mouth shut and don't tell anyone about your plants. Chances are your friends did the opposite and thats probably why they lost their plants. Most plants are stolen because someone told someone else or either showed them to someone. Pot plants aren't that easy to pick out if planted carefully among other weeds/vegetation.
    Try to plant your plants so that they blend in with the surroundings and don't bunch them together where they will stand out. Also when taking care of them try not to be seen going to and from the area and keep your visits down to a minimum. Good luck!
  5. "loose lips sink ships"
    “a field of marijuana is like a bank without walls.”

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