Security staring ME down???

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by cheebaa, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Hey City,

    So lately I have been having a bout of insomnia- partially because I have not smoked in a 1-1/2 weeks (dry spell), and something is bothing me but I cannot figure out what it is (my mind just keeps going, but never leading anywhere).

    So I went to the pharmacy to buy some OTC sleep aid for tonight.

    While I was looking for it I notice the security gaurd (its a 24 hour store and the security starts at 8pm) out of the corner of my eye, just staring at me. I let it go for a little while- thinking "hey, they have to suspect everyone is a "junkie"" of some kind, hanging out in the cold medicince isle with psuedophedrine, dxm, diphenhydramine, and Dimenhydrinate.

    I was reading the boxes and comparing prices for maybe 3 minutes (literally- it was not that long) and she was still staring.

    I finally looked over to her and asked- "Can I help you with anything?" in a very rude tone and gave her a nasty look.

    She ended up walking away after returning a dirty look.

    Fucking people- now mind you: I had a polo shirt bearing my employeers name, I had the company ID clipped on me, I was not high or in any intoxicated state, and I looked overall rather presentable.

    Damn Rent-a-Cops.

    If only they actually had the skills to perform their jobs (generalized statement- I know some security guards are actually very skilled and trained- it all depends on the location).
  2. I think your blowing this out of proportion, she was prolly just doing her job or thought you were cute :D
  3. yea haha what if she was checking you out? :ey:

    but you ruined it :(
  4. haha, i dont think you ruined anything. the fuzz is the fuzz, be it a rent a cop or a full time cop and all must be treated with civlity but a mild amount of disrespect cause they do work for the man. well goodluck getn some bud sometime soon and figuring out whats bothering you.
  5. i dont know, i wouldnt have been rude, i would have said that in a serious tone, wait for them to walk away or something, than jack a couple bottles of tussin. than been like "BAAHAHAHA". hahh jk but ya i hate when security is on your nuts. it is pretty annoying.

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