Security scare or paranoia?

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  1. SWIM has a grow op. He does not currently smoke cannabis.

    So today SWIM got a knock on his door from a salesperson. In his area this is exceedingly rare and has never happened to him. The quite attractive black woman who answered the door was a talented salesperson who was offering a household cleaning product called pro-tek. SWIM later looked up the cleaner and it is a legit door to door type product.

    The scary part came when the woman and SWIM were standing just outside his partially open door. She said "what were you just doing?", he said "watching t.v." (the truth), she said "it smells like marijuana, were you smoking?".

    SWIM had been using odor absorbing gel and a homemade filtering system with those premade holmes brand carbon air filters. He thought it was under control and he can't smell anything most of the time.

    The girl then said that she thought she smelled something and it made her think SWIM was an alright guy. SWIM said to her that he was on probation and gets tested often so hasn't smoked in 4.5 years (truth).

    Anyway, SWIM was made very nervous of this situation. Should he abandon his endeavors or is it just a freak circumstance that SWIM should learn from and increase his odor control efforts?

    SWIM thinks it's unlikely she was undercover because she didn't have a cell phone, she was seen later at other houses, and in SWIM's hometown black people are under 5% of the population so it's unlikely a sexy black woman would be working for the local P.D. She seemed to be just a very good salesperson.

    Thoughts please?
  2. You said it yourself... or... SWIY said it himself. ;)

    That's just my opinion.
  3. I wouldn't worry about that just smoke another joint and chill just a touch of the paranoia there.
  4. dude you shouldnt ignore it she obviously smelt it dont freak out just get a proper carbon filter i got one and a fan very cheap off ebay hunt around a little and put those worries to rest
  5. Thanks for the input guys. SWIM stepped up his odor control efforts.
  6. I had a similar situation happen recently. A couple weeks ago I was transplanting my plants and was sitting there with a mass of soil and roots in my hand ready to go into the new container when I heard a knock at the door. Talk about bad timing; I was scared shitless for a moment there. I very quickly set the plant in the new container and quietly went over to the door. Looking through the peephole I was relieved to see it wasn't a cop, but rather someone I didn't know holding some pamphlets. I stepped back away from the door and didn't answer.

    The next day at work a friend who lives nearby was telling me about this strange guy who was trying to sell magazine subscriptions. He was really creeping my friend out and didn't leave the neighborhood for a couple of hours. I asked what he looked like and turns out it was the same guy who had come knocking on my door earlier.

    I'm glad I didn't let the guy in. Maybe it's just me, but with a grow going I don't open the door for anybody. Glad your buddy got his odor control stepped up, but remind him that just because someone comes knocking you don't have to open up.
  7. Your from aren't you? Avoiding referring to yourself isn't necessary here.

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