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  1. i generally grow indoors myself but i gave my friend a reveged white widow as a birthday present to grow in his garden.the problem is he ignored my advice about training the plant and he also put it outside too early,he now has a five foot tall monster widow that has not even started flowering yet which is of some concern as his back garden is overlooked ,odour controll will also become an issue,what are his options?any advice would be greatfully the way its the worst summer ever in ireland and the widow has flourished despite bad weather ,a good outdoor strain for guerilla growing.
  2. Cross your fingers and pray. If you cover the plant with shad cloth you could hide the visual but the oder is always going to be there. If your worried about theft then get some motion sensors and carry the reciever or put it by your bed.

  3. Sonoma County :D
  4. prayers are just gods junk mail man but thanks for the shad cloth tip.
  5. Tie her down NOW. However, do it with finesse. Breaking a main branch would be too influential on the outcome at this point. If you need to relieve some resistance when doing this then wet the ground at the trunk VERY well and gently pull the top to ground; she will give. As for the smell...go to home depot,walmart, any small town nursery and purchase some BASIL - Rosemary - Oregano - Sage - Lavender - biggest plants you can find and introduce them right near the WW. Good LUCK! Soon your "friends" yard will smell wonderful!

  6. Ive thought of motion sensors as well but I thought the light would mess up the plants light schedule. Will it not mess it up?
  7. Passive infra red motion sensors emit no light.
  8. You guys ever hear of treating the symptoms? lol

    By the time it has to come to "motion sensors" it is tooooo late my friend. Listen to some sound advise and consider what I've suggested.

  9. thanks man ,exactly what i was looking for ,you truly deserve your name and its guys like ya that keep me coming back to grasscity .... :hello:

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