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  1. So you want to "sneak" around in the woods and grow some cannabis? Follow some of the security guidelines as I do (even though I own 7 acres I still practice security) to ensure that if you are discovered by either the cops, game wardens or other folks that you can go home instead of to the local lock up!

    Surveillance of the potential growing area:

    Do some surveillance of the area ESPECIALLY if you are outside of your own normal area. Drive around and determine if the area you want to plant your beans in is heavily used or lightly used. Go there on the weekends and on weekdays also as many good potential growing locales are not used as much during the week but are heavily used on the weekends. Do a test run, go out and walk around, see the terrain and what you would need to carry along with you. Are there any animals? Deer and other critters love to munch on green foliage and that includes your cannabis! You will also need to make sure you are not on someone's private property because trespassing laws in some states are strict and the fines are imposed at will to those who do not repsect another's property. add into that that you are growing marijuana and the risks go up. Other things to consider are...

    * Does the area have a natural water source or would you need to bring your own?

    * Cover. If you need to get away quick is there enough cover for you to do so? Or perhaps just hide while Grandma and the grands pass on by.

    * Escape routes. Have at least 2 planned and a third alternate would be a good idea. Know the area your in is the key here. Tell a trusted friend where you are going and what time you plant to return. You do not have to tell them what you are doing but this is just for your own safety especially if you are going to be in unknown/dangerous areas. If your gonna be late though, contact then and let know so the cops won't get a missing person report then try to find you!!

    Getting in:

    OK, you did the surveillance and things look good. But do not let that make you complacent and get sloppy. Consider buying a cheap metal detector. Why? because people who do that always carry a shovel (small one) water, buckets/pouches/containers, backpacks etc. they draw little attention to themselves other than the occasional person who asks "did you find any gold?" Appease them then move on. Many treasure seekers also wear camo pant/clothes so the benefits are obvious there. The following is a known list of ideas that growers use to disguise their intentions. These people carry back packs, fanny packs, containers also to cover your goal:

    *Nature photographers. Bags, packs/fanny packs.
    *Jogging. Fanny packs
    *Hiking. Back packs filled with stuff!
    *Mountain biking. Lots of packs and a good get away vehicle also

    Initial items:

    Consider buying a collaspable water tight stroage bag sold at most hunting supply store or avaliable online. They come in all sizes and the largest of them can be buried or stashed in the woods with enough fertilizer, nutes, bug spray, flashlight(s), extra water etc in them so that you can avoid having to drag all that stuff along with you each time you visit your outdoor plot. They are water tight so its worth looking into particularly if your growing many plants. Other items you'll more than likely need or want to store/stash are:

    *Mosquito netting for insect control.
    *Insect spray for you.
    *Seven Dust or similiar product for plants.
    *Flashlight w/batterys. An extra one comes in handy.
    *Fold up shovel. Military entrenching tool type.
    *Nute stuff.
    *Anything else you may need.


    Being a regular has some risks when it comes to out the way places where you have to drive then park. Cops WILL investigate vehicles parked on a dirt road or backed up into a woodline so thats out the window for sure. Consider having a trusted friend drop you off them come back when you call them or radio (more on radios below) them after you have done what you need to do. If your growing locale is at a place where you have to park at a trial head or other designated entrance then play the role ot the tee. If you go in as a person with a metal detector don't just grab it then start walking, because people hwo use them do not do that! They will check their detector then start almost immediately as soon as they hit the woods. BE THE PART! Remember this if you forget all else:

    A war on drugs has been declared. So as a combatant in this war, covertness for growers is the most important thing you can do for yourself. Do not let your guard down at any time for any reason. Always be on alert. Take the long way if it means success. Put into place, measures that will ensure your freedom and growing success at all times. Because if you don't the enemy will take your freedom away for the sake of misguided politics alone.


    If your going in then its best to have some form of communication if for nothing else, you get injured while out and about. Cell phones are good but coverage is not always the best and something to consider is that many law enforcement agencys today now have the ability to triangilate your position to only a few feet when you dial 911. An accidental dial of your cell phone of "9-1-1" will ensure that cops are on their way to you. This has happened before where a man who was growing in his basement rubbed his cell phone on the work bench table's edge while he was working and the cops came on in because his door was unlocked, they were justified because of the "open 911 call" and he was busted. 120 plants gone, his business down the drain and so on. Cut your cell phone off while you are out in the woods at your grow plot!


    Those little radios sold at Wal Mart or over the internet are great for communicating to your friend standing by. Some growers I know go out to their plots and have a friend go to the local store for a cup of coffee or to the restaurant around the corner and wait. An ear piece is not out of the ordinary today because everyone has one stuck in their ear. The radio can be hung on a belt clip or under a shirt for discreetness. When the covert grower is finished, he calls up his buddy and they are off. Those radios have what is called Continous Tone Squelch Systems so that privacy is assured. A tone is placed into the operating frequency so that no one hears you except the other radio on the same tone. Only when the tone is detected by the other radio will it hear your friend's communication. There are other more expensive options on the market with some being in the range of anywhere from $300 to $5,000 and up. Those are found in many commercial stealth growing operations. Things like digital capability & encryption are very expensive but very useful compared to the consequence of being caught if you grow hundreds or thousands of plants. But for the average grower one can be just as secure by using a little common sense.

    I hope these tips help you to be safe and secure. I'll be writing more coming up soon. may your plants grow up big & buddi-ful and you always be safe & secure while growing them!

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    Thanks for the info mate :)
  3. My pleasure brother.

  4. nice post man, this will help out alota first time growers. Def sticky worthy.
  5. One of the parts I strongly disagree with is involving a friend.


    Not even your very best friend!

    90% busts happen due!

    It's hard to keep things to yourself...but remember "Lose lips sink ships!"


  6. An old trick to make sure your spot will not be discovered is to nail a ten dollar bill to a tree in a ziploc baggie or whatever, leave it there for a few weeks. If its still there, you know nobody goes around your spot.
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    "Consider having a trusted friend drop you off them come back when you call them or radio (more on radios below) them after you have done what you need to do..."

    I'm not advocating nor suggesting "go tell your friends that you have a grow going and where it is". I'm saying that your security should be the most important thing about you growing in areas where you are not normally at...period! Forget "stoner rules" because if you have to go by some "rule" to remember not tell anyone where your plot is, then I would think that one's common sense & smarts should be brought into question. The article does not state tell your friends your going to your grow site, it merely says to let someone know that you are going to XXX place for a period of time. Tell them your metal detecting or hiking. Again, when one is growing in unfamiliar parts then security must take priority first & foremost. LF makes a good point though that is worth remembering...tell no one!

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    A few other pointers from the top of my head:

    Tell no one as LF said. Teenagers or adults, free weed changes things. Plus, even if you're "blood brothers" or such, if there is a rip off, you will never know if your friend did it or not. Plus, after all is said and done, you'll be glad you don't need to share. Just do a grow you can prepare and water alone (10-15 female plants is A LOT of weed) imo.

    Having a water source is the BIG difference between success and problems/ failure. But don't grow right next to it. I find the water and then walk off to find a spot in the vicinity. find the spot carefully(crucial too of course).

    Plan your car ride and parking in all cases but avoid hauling water in your car if possible. Be discrete with your neighbours if you have any when taking water jugs out of your home. Have all papers of car and ID ready. Don't forget them at the spot. !!!

    To solve the problem of people spotting me (and compromising several hundreds of hours of scouting and hauling !!!) , I ONLY go at night (and on week nights if possible). The spot needs to be without houses if possible so you can park your car in a small dirt road or something to be the most discrete. Walk to your spots. I have a quality duffel bag I use to haul soil (3 holes of soil in 1 backpack). Use 30% local dirt (even in the area, you'll find good dirt right there to haul less soil). With eveything in one backpack, you can move quicker in case without hurting yourself (hands free) and , in case, you can hide the green backpack under some bushes and run away (keep papers and cell on you).
    Getting the soil and pick ax in cleanly are crucial points too. My area is rocky so I need a pick ax. Some parts just need a small folding shovel. Enter the spots with care. I mark my spots in the day when I walk my dog using some string I 'll find at night.That way I don't break any things and make paths getting in. Take string off on way out.
    Dogs are the best alibi imo to be off in the forest. With a dog, you don't need to be running or doing something while scouting. You're just "walking the dog". They're fun too: I recommend one! For pick ax/soil/ plant nights, I don't bring him along of course.

    Running or walking with a sports outfit is excellent too if you don't have a dog. Don't be out there in camo lurking around alone of course. Don't be seen entering the spot in all cases of (the bird book, rod or dog would be useless then as wtf would you be doing in those bushes? If you're seen it's game over for that spot or worse.

    I don't like the other alibis I often read about. I mean if someone sees you, what are you gonna do take out your bird book -sketchy-. The fishing rod thing doesn't work if there's no fishing and it's very visible. Once you're in the spot it's useless and extra stuff lying around. Nighttime is my best cover anyway when I'm hauling soil/water as it makes it virtually impossible to see me.

    Make no foot prints (can be used against you in court: cut prints off or tape -don't leave tape behind- My area is dry so I can walk without making prints), wear a face mask/cap to enter slowly, check for anything wrong like a camera, use gloves always, cover tracks on your way out. Prepare the escape route in case.

    I only grow a few plants per spot so in case of problem I'm only growing these couple plants for my personal use. Leave no prints in any of the spots. I ony leave camoed water jugs (a few hidden) at the spot (no nutes or soil or anything). I bring mosquito repellant, headlamp, water, food for me and the plants in a small backpack with my papers and phone. Once the soil and plants are in, with the water source, it's not too hard to tend to them. I'll be using water crystals this year to reduce waterings.

    Good luck to everybody and grow safe.
  9. The alibi I did like was to take a metal detector - you are looking for treasure and those guys always have a spade.

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