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Security clearances, police, and other questions.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thrashette, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. I have a few questions, but first with a little background info. Someone I know is 18 years old, she goes to community college. She still lives with her dad at the moment. Her dad is a government contractor and is under a security clearance. She smokes weed by herself or with a couple of friends almost daily, usually a few times a day. Her and her friends are discreet, and have yet to be busted.
    Her dad went through her room one day when she went out of town. She thought that she had given it all to her friend to hold, but left behind an old bag of stems. Her dad found it, and is saying that if a cop finds weed in her car, they have the right to seize it. If they find weed in her house, they can seize that also. Additionally, if weed is found in the house, her dad will lose his security clearance and his job, even if he wasn't aware of its presence.
    I just wanted to know if all this stuff was true, or even likely... we're not talking about a lot of weed here. If it's in the car, it's less than a dime (unless en route from a pickup), and there's never more than an 1/8th in the house. She does have a pretty little collection of 5 glass pipes, however.
    Does anyone know about this shiiiit?
  2. If she owns the car, no...If she owns the house, no...If his name is on anything, yes.:cool:
  3. if the cops find weed they always have the right and will 10/10 times seize it unless you have a reccomendation or med card and it's legal in your state and even sometimes they will still take it reguardless because they run on a federal juristiction not state its legal state wise but not federally where medically legal. As far as if the person gets busted and their parents are under a security clearance no ones losing a job over something they are not aware of i'm sure it can happen but highly unlikely...
  4. Sigh SOMEONE isn't mature enough to own up to responsibilities and research this on her own.

    FYI we don't do SWIM here. We know you're talking about yourself, it's OK, we're all ADULTS here.

    NOW then, go look up NORML.COM and READ THE LAWS regarding marijuana in your state.
  5. Depends how high the clearance is...Secret and above, they can, and a lot of the times do take away the clearance pending investigation. If he does lose it and he isn't in the wrong, he'll get it back eventually.

    But our military does not look kindly upon drug use in and around the family setting on military installations, especially when they're entrusting you with a security clearance badge. Everything and anything can essentially cost him his job with high enough security clearance requirements.:cool:
  6. Well i dont know what to tell you, but this 'she' is obviously you. Why do you try to lie
  7. #7 burtontoker, Nov 29, 2011
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    Someones a little paranoid.. OP...

    If a cop finds weed in your car, or on you outside of the home, it will be taken, but it will have nothing to do with your father or his job, as long as you are 18 and are an adult. If the cop finds weed in your home, your dad might lose his security clearance, and he is responsible since its his home. However, cops would only be allowed in the house if your father allowed them to search the area, then he'd be shooting himself in the foot.

    They have no reason to suspect there is marijuana in the home, so tell your dad to chill out.

    "IF" they find it, why would they go in your home anyway? Yea, if they get a warrant and break down the doors and find it, he could be screwed. But if they have no reason to believe anything is going on, you're fine..
  8. I'm sorry for misphrasing; I meant seize the car and the house if there's weed present. She doesn't own either, I think.

    And thank you for your snide remark and link. I did research on my own. All I ever do is research shit, but I was unable to find the specific answers I needed so I came here. As you can see, I don't have many posts because I am able to figure shit out on my own most of the time. I have read my state's laws, but it didn't say anything about these SPECIFIC instances, so I sought other's knowledge and opinions. It's groovy that you have a link and all, but you apparently don't have any knowledge to contribute, so why bother? And that's SO COOL that we're all adults. But I AM referring to a person that is not myself. Trying to help a friend out. Whoopsie-daisies, I'll try to refrain from that next time.
  9. Its ok, tell your "friend" (by "friend" we mean you) they can't seize you car if you own it, they can't seize the home if its yours. If its your fathers, they might be able to seize it or he would most likely lose his job if they discovered marijuana in it. Again, the only reason they would search it is if they had probable cause and had a reason to think he was doing "illegal activity." If they don't suspect anything, he shouldn't worry.

    If he works for the government, that gets pretty serious and you should move out rather than possibly hurting your fathers career by smoking.
  10. I guess we're just trying to figure out if it would be worth the risk to keep it at her house. There's nowhere else she can really keep it; my landlord comes like every month and he's strictly against weed, so my place is out of the question (I keep mine at her house, too).
    She lives in a relatively secluded area... the cops are known to be lax about weed here (unless you're doing something stupid or driving), and we've never previously done anything to arouse suspicion. I feel like cops busting down the door is extremely unlikely, but weird shit happens, so I don't know. Just looking for advice, I guess.

  11. You're probably right... she was going to move in with me, but she can't afford it yet. I guess until then we'll have to play it safe, or find a new place to move out together where the landlord isn't so nosy.
  12. The bottom line: if cops find marijuana in her fathers home, he will be responsible.

    The only way they will find marijuana is if they have probable cause, which they don't.
  13. lol. "All I ever do is research shit" please. If you know how to research this shouldn't have been a problem. What you needed to know is pretty easy to find. Also, you seem to know quite a bit about this friend of yours. I'm just saying, the way you wrote that totally looks like you replaced "me, I, my, mine" etc. with "her, hers, she" etc.
  14. Excuse me. I guess I'm just really stupid then. Whoops. And we ARE best friends. I'm not going to sit here and argue that this is a person that isn't me. If you'd like to imagine that it is me, then whoopdy-doo. Have fun with that.
  15. You guys really think they'd take clearance because your 18 year old child that lives with you did something you didn't know about? I mean I dont know but I would just like to believe they wouldn't punish you for something you have no way of knowing about. Then again having been in I've seen some pretty weird things they'll punish people for...

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