Secure harvesting into woods?

Discussion in 'Security' started by musicican, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. How can I safely harvest the stalks and bring them to my drying location? Can I put them Ina bag (only one or two plants) to carry them to my drying site?
  2. I just brought a 42 gallon storage toat to my site and put my plants in those and carried em to my house, drove home and brought em into my apartment.
  3. I've always just used a good ol' backpack, man. I not super worried about damaging my plant, I mean, how much of an affect is it going to have on the finished product because it got banged up in my backpack on the bike ride home? Not much.. ruffstylez also has a good idea, though.
  4. Tupperware containers are your friend! If its a long ride home and its hot outside, make sure to put some holes in the lid! Or atleast leave it open! wet anything in a tupperware container is likely to mold if u have a long trip in the heat!
  5. If your doing a few plants I normally chop entire plots,wrap them in heavy duty plastic sheeting,get them to the drying room ASAP :)

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  6. I would say that 4Imma2burn0 has a pretty secure idea. There's nothing odd about a bicyclist with a backpack. Put it in a plastic bag, of course. Just to make sure you're not leaving a mess in the backpack as evidence.

    Damn Bad Penny, I wish I had a place to grow that many at a time. What do you do with all of your extras?
  7. Nice harvest man.. :)

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