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  1. anyone know much about it?

    I work full time as a server at a restaurant along with 15 other women who are supporting families. I live off tips and our dead-as-fuck season is about to begin in a month or two, which means hello to $150 paychecks and $20 tip days if you're lucky. this also means making rent each month is going to get REALLY difficult. Like, to the point where I'll end up having my cell phone turned off in lieu of paying my electric bill and where I'll wash my clothes in the bathtub instead of doing laundry because I can't afford it. and walking everywhere in 10ft of snow because my car ran out of gas the week before. Been there, done that, and it sucks. REALLY REALLY bad.
    A second job is out of the question because I am a full time student. And it's damned near impossible to find a job around here. Yes, including McDonalds.

    Anyway... I'm compiling my pros and cons list and it would be interesting to hear your thoughts about it and why I should (or should not) apply.
  2. I would get yourself a loan.
  3. Pretty sure there is a waiting list for that and the paperwork is hell. Least you could do is give it a shot and see what they tell you :confused_2:
  4. yes- what she said- these things are unfortunately not a quick fix. The waiting list can take one to 4 years for your name to come up depending where you are. I looked into it when I separated from my ex-husband 3 year ago but figured it was such a long shot but now I'm sorry I didn't get my name on the list because I'm going to have to.

    So if this is going to be your situation go get thew paperwork started to see if you qualify...and if you don't need it when your name comes up no big deal but if you still do you'll be glad you got yourself on it when you did. good luck.
  5. I am currently $37k in the hole.
    I live in a very poor area. it's definitely NOT middle class America, that's for sure.


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