Secrets... Suitable for Pandoras Box.

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    For people who would get it, be able to take something useful out of it, would like a good read, or to get them thinking and put some of this info to better use to help them avoid bad situations, or possibly prevent them in others or self.


    it's better to learn something new then to learn nothing at all.

    Teach yourself about even the smallest interests you have from day to day, and years later you'll know a little->a lot about everything. what makes it tick. how it fits with everything else you learned. How it comes together like 2nd nature.

    And at some point you'll reach a stage similar to the matrix -
    you'll know who what when why where how. of every little thing surrounding you. and how each object affects you, or how it interacts with all of the other objects or people simultaneously

    The ultimate code to cracking your environment / people / interactions/etc,.. It's a long road and those who use it wrongly are still subject to universal law. it will come back onto them and come crashing down.
     However, if you have this knowledge and stay a passive observer no good will come from it, nor will bad.
     If you use it to shed light on situations to help another... universal law still applies. you'll be rewarded in one way or another.

    But that's where things get tricky. On the outside looking in things may seem off, and it may seem like shedding some light will do good... However there are so many unknown variables and your original good intentions could end up ruining it.

    So when you skip past the basic interactions and are viewing things on such a deep level... It can be at times be more like a curse. While everyone around you isn't able to see the truth and you can. While they have absolutely no clue over those subtle tells that you pick up on. While you can save a life with the knowledge obtained in a situation, you could also cost someone their life. or something less extreme of course...

    So how does one know when to intervene, when to leave it alone, and when to stand by? That is a question i'm not yet capable of answering. However one of the variables can depend on the persons own intelligence.

    If you were to reveal to them the dark nature of person 1 and tell them NOT to tell them or bring it up at all. Person 2 could slip up and utter the words and in the worst case scenario Person 1 flips their lid and kills them. "How the hell did you find out about this i haven't told anybody!"
    Now would that be on me?

    Another example could be : person 1 is deeply flawed with a big secret, but person 2's life could be ruined from knowing the truth. Person 1's dark intentions directly affecting person 2 without their knowledge. Person 2  would be stripped of all they have but know the truth if you shed light on it. but if you leave it be, person 2 is likely to remain happy but would be living a lie..

    It's not as simple as reading a few books and being like "hey.... i'm going to apply this knowledge to this today!"  It becomes a part of you, a 2nd nature , a 6th sense. Just like how you cannot be a black belt in one day and smash bricks with your head. your body gets automatically trained to respond to certain situations through the years. In this case it's the mind.

    How a person reacts to (?), their response, body language, subtle eye movements, tone of voice, subtle changes in breathing. Matched with their ego, personality, past details

    In the past MANY people would never believe me. but guess how many come crawling back YEARS later once they find out themselves the hard way. "Ya i thought you were just crazy but holy crap you were so right!"

    I have seen first hand countless times that TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION.
    Say for example person 2 watched the news and a hotel burned down or something. they call person 3 and talk about it.
    Person 2) "yo! that place burned down you here of this yet? weren't you staying there are you ok?"
    Person 3) " im the one who did it! ha-ha-ha!
    Person 2) "not funny"
    Person 3) "haha sorry. just had to lighten to mood it was such a scary experience. smoke everywhere"

    Surely this person 3 couldn't have done it right? Wrong....
    Using the knowledge you have from past experiences, and a collection of data stored in your brain from all interactions and conversations. little hints scattered throughout so much time. If the dots connect / the shoe could fit odds are pretty damn likely it was them.

    Example is a little extreme but.... you know what i mean. Those are the types of situations where you have to stop a moment and give it some thought. recall some past memories quick and analyze the situation. It is here where you will find truth.  When you do this  odds are it will trigger a memory you have completely forgotten about that person.
    say in this situation person 3 was a pyro, or harmed other living things via fire.
    If you were to quickly dismiss it as a joke implied by the sarcastic tone of person 3 that memory will not have resurfaced.

     Another example being when someone makes a sinister joke, or says just joking right after. Naturally you think ok that's insane who would ever do that?
    Simple.... the person who just told you.If they have done something wrong and felt like they could not tell anybody it would eat away at them on the inside. This boiling pot of human.... the water (truth) would start to flow out of them bit by bit. little by little. under most peoples radar.

    They play it off as a joke or w.e.... then that brings the temperature down.... their consciousness becomes a little lighter...  Their need to tell someone fufiilled.

    back to "Naturally you think ok that's insane who would ever do that? "
    The reason for so many people not being able to see is because they turn a blind eye.  Probably something like 20 thoughts in a second and the decision is formed. These micro thoughts Think about how it would impact them or the person in question.They would think about how dark that shit really is. How dangerous it is.and immediately dismiss it as crazy because they don't want to deal with the high possibility of what it really is. They want to stay in the comfort of the now. Rather then finding out what is likely to happen down the road... or what is currently taking place. It's in "human nature"... to avoid confrontation.

    With that being said, not every little thing is revealing. it's hard to explain but when you know so many things... it just clicks and you know. sure as shit enough.... all those little bread crumbs scattered through the months / years reveals that persons dark secret.
     Another burden to shoulder in the back of your mind... While they think your none the wiser... I already have them dissected. The tiger watching the hunter tread through the fields...  hesitant to act for what may take place.

    The keeper of secrets...

    And it's not ALL bad.... you can use it figure out who has ill intentions, who to avoid, who to have your guard up around. It takes time with getting to know the person before you can find out what their darkside is.

    Both a curse and gift...

    Ignorance is bliss. but once you cross over that line... there is no going back.

    Do you take the red pill or the blue pill ?
  2. I really regret not being high whilst reading this.
  3. I'd rather take the blue pill than read a huge essay like that :p
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    Parade's as an intelligent character
    has the attention span of a child with ADHD are those pills blue ?
    please keep the petty insults to yourself.
    we do not allow disrespect here at all
  5. 1) Dr.SheldonCooper most certainly is an intelligent blade. Just because he doesn't want to read this particular essay at this particular time does not demonstrate unintelligence in any way.

    2) the blue pill thing was a reference to the Matrix, which the OP also referenced in the essay.
  6. Gracias zera, I always liked you, especially since you got that kickass avi.

    And funny thing, he is the op. He's just trying to fit a drug reference in.
  7. aww, you flatter me
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     You're still pretty blue pilled, maybe green pilled. Telling yourself that you've achieved Zen and that you've got some sort of foresight rationalizes and validates delusion. You're putting belief into meta shit with no more faith than it feels right to you. I wish you would have made a solid point instead of a soapbox rant because it's interesting, and you're onto something but it has no focus.
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    So basically you're saying that "behind every lie is a little bit of truth?"
    you could have just typed that on a picture of a sunset or a depressed anime character and saved us all some time
  10. No, I'm saying that when you tell yourself that you have foresight or can 'see the truth', you start to rationalize shit that isn't true, self validating and enter a vicious cycle of delusion.
    Are you talking to OP or me? You threw me off with the anime girl thing, that isn't what I was implying at all.
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    XD silly me. forgot there would be idiots who can't read.

    1) i never claimed that i achieved that state. i said it's possible.
    2) Proven circumstances. not "it feels right"

    If you would study for 1000's of hours your stupidity can be brought up to average. study for another 5000 hours or so then you can start to see what i'm talking about.

    A professional in reading body language, psychology, -> ETC <- can easily dissect these people as i have.
    make your point without insults please
  12. No.

    many are likely straight up lies depending on the individuals character and personality. but there are subtle tells you can pick up on as which ones have some truth to them.
  13. Good thing he was a bad shot.
    Please tell me more vicious :) I'd love to hear what else you have to say about things you cannot understand :)
  14. Uprising in New Mexico over an unnecessary shooting.

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
  15. I cbf'ed to read that
    Well, i have a secret....
    erh.... well.... even that wouldn't be suitable for Pandora box....
    Babby's first conspiracy. That's entry level shit. I've explored the astral, seen the universal truth and am a student of psychiatry. You shouldn't make baseless assumptions based on a critique of your rant. Humble yourself and observe without the agenda. As I said, you're getting somewhere but you're only hurting yourself thinking like that.
    What to you want to hear? That it's the Jews or the Reptiles? About meditation, energy or the collective consciousness? That you're a 'truther' on a soapbox insulting anyone who criticizes you? If you think you're on the path to enlightenment you're a hypocrite. You're on the path of self-validated delusion.
  17. Hahahahaha. jews and reptiles. hilarious.
    it's something far beyond that nonsense. And clearly you don't have an answer for how i predicted this.

    I do highly doubt you have "explored the astral and found universal truth"
    Getting out can be difficult enough, and if you had found universal truth you wouldn't be here wasting your time on this site.

    Originally posted to help others , help others.
    Dick headed replies and comments for offering such a thing is ignorant.
    *don't wanna read :( but i do have time to post that i'm not gunna read it :3 *

    Work on your comprehension skills and you'll see valid points. Not my fault you don't know how to read...

    "1) i never claimed that i achieved that state. i said it's possible.
    2) Proven circumstances. not "it feels right""

    "and you're onto something but it has no focus."

    If you can't put it all together just goes show you cannot understand things you don't know about or have experienced for yourself.
    Similar to OBE's. You can read all you want about it but until you experienced it for yourself you don't know shit. that's one thing we can both agree on.
    Another example being the first time you get high. you can hear all about it but the experience itself cannot be accurately described by words. You have to do it before you get a good grasp of it.

    And by categorizing me as "truther" shows that you have a very limited way of thinking. Black and white. no gray. coupled with your claim of being a student of psychiatry (if that's not total bullshit) then your posts reflect it as a very weak attempt at a personal analysis while avoiding the main topic.

    If you think the path i'm taking to enlightenment is summarized in this thread.... hahaha Your the fool :)

    And also i remember you now. your the same prick from previous threads months ago that use to stalk me and try to insult on every post like angry an child. Pfff you haven't seen universal truth.
  18. I think people stopped taking you seriously with your rude and condescending comments
  19. Ah i see so your the one who cried to the mods.
    Rude but factual comments.
    if you can't take it don't dish it out simple as that no need to cry.
    Anyways my point has been proven as vicious has no response. no answer for his false assumptions.

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