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  1. I've been researching on the deep web and I've come across various topics on how to use our full potential of our mind using hypnosis. If anyone is interested I will post pictures of articles and etc.. There's was a study done in the early 19th century that said we only use 10% of out brain. Well there was a recent study that showed we used less than 2%. Does anybody else go on the feel web for useful purposes like me?
  2. Post something lets see if it's interesting.
  3. I'm not to sure if I should be doing this but oh well. This is just a brief introduction.

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  4. how do you find this stuff? post how to unlock 100% of mind power
  5. oh great you guys have the same avatar..
  6. There is a thing called the deep dark web. Google it, it's a complicated way to get into it and its usually not safe because you could get hacked if you don't have the right hardware,etc.. Look at my recent post on the NWO in pandora a box and I posted some good information there. I haven't even begun to read all of the tricks of the mind yet. It's around 200 pages but trust me, I will.
  7. The only thing about this kind of hype is "bullshit" :) If anyone found a genuine secret to push the "mind" beyond what is known he would be taken away to a unknown whereabouts and milked for everything he knows.

    I'm talking brain juice! probably then sold to the rich and famous for a millions.
  8. If you want me to research a specific topic PM me because I need new suggestions of stuff to look into.
  9. These are all the PDFs and information about tweaking your mind. I've only clicked on one so that tells you this is going to take some time.

    Edit: I put one picture of the wrong thing sorry.

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  10. Well It is a secret and I'm pretty sure I might get contacted somehow. Read the disclaimer.

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  11. :D No way!
  12. Hmm... Interesting
  13. A little off topic but these are just some of the topics in the Tor Library. Grass city is about to be balls deep in knowledge.

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  14. what makes you think all of this isn't bullshit ?
  15. I never said it wasn't bullshit but I really don't believe someone would take the time to write over 200 pages and there be a least a dozen if them with 200 pages at least. I'm just saying that its a fact we don't use our brain to our potential. So maybe hypnosis will really work granted I haven't had the time to try it yet.
  16. Nothing, it's all clearly lies and falsehoods. It's already been proven that while we only use a certain % at a time, we do make use of the whole thing for different activities at some point.

    This was me being really nice, because this is really stupid.
  17. Do you have the evidence this being all lies?
  18. You would need to research this before you try and disprove anything.
  19. This in interesting! The Dark web is crazy there is so much information there. We might only use 2% of our minds, but we only use .3% of the internet on a daily basis.
  20. This is why :)

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