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Secrets of a female toker

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Nyxierawr, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Hey, Im Nyxie. As a female toker whos been smoking for quite a while ive picked up some tips that I think can be helpful for female tokers. Thought id start a thread and post tips and tricks I know/remember and keeo adding on. If you have any feel free to post them. C: heres a little about me if you wanna know:
    *I'm a bit more of a stalker than a poster, and I stalked the forum for way longer than I've been a member. But that being said, 20 now. I actually took my first hit of bud at age 10, started smoking at 13. I started smoking on my own almost daily at 16 when I moved out on my own, and pretty much been the same with a few tolerance breaks.
    *tl:dr I stalked the threads and have been smoking for 7 years.

    So yeah have fun, hopefully learn something and feel free to ask questions.
  2. Tips, Trips, & Advice.

    1. Ladies if you do not carry a purse, start. Like I found one that even I don't like carrying. Or even invest in a small bookbag or something.

    2. If you smoke with your guy friends alot, carry toilet paper or those tissue packs with you.

    3. Lipstick is a big no no but lipstain is not. Now you can have the luscious lips you desire and not get lipstick all over whatever your smoking with.
    Personally I use covergirls outlast. It stays on all day for me without fading.
  3. What's the toilet paper for?

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  4. Ladies keep some hand sanitizer in ur purse. Those bong hits and bowl pieces can leave ur hands stinking bad. Plus it's a good ice breaker with new smokers lol :)
  5. At least once a month I'll go to the bathroom at one of my guy friends places and there is no toilet paper.
  6. hahahahagahahaha you need some new guy friends!

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  7. Definetly, everyone should have toilet paper.
  8. Yeah that is pretty odd lol 
  9. What!!!! I never run out of toilet paper at my house makes me wonder how dirty your guy friends hands are. I even carry some in my car in case I have to go in a public bathroom cause charmin cashmere only thing touching my ass.

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  11. I'm one of those "big purse" ladies! If something is needed, 9 times out of 10, it's in my purse! (sewing kit, 1st aid kit, toking kit, kleenex, q-tips, sanitizer, paper and pens, various meds, tape measure, couple of baggies, etc)  The contents of my purse have "saved the day" more than once! lol
  12. It's really more that all my guy friends have separate places but all crash at one persons place for like a 2 weeks or so before swapping were there crashing. Usually tends to happen when we swap at where they all are and haven't been there for weeks. Not sure why they don't rent a flat or something together honestly. Also sometimes there's tp in the house but not the bathroom, and I always bring my purse to the bathroom with me.
  13. The toilet paper thing had me rolling.
  14. <sup>nice to meet you little miss Nyxie</sup>
  15. All your guy friends should pool their money together and buy a pallet of toilet paper to divide up so they can join the responsible adults club.
    I would suggest a bag of cotton balls and a small bottle of rubbing alcohol to use on pieces before passing if you or someone else present is sick.
  16. If you're going somewhere for a quick bag and smoke, and you have to back up afterwise. Remember to back the car in first!
    Really not trying to be sexist, I remember in highschool these 3 girls came over to smoke this one day. Middle of the day, I have a sort of windy top of my driveway. Backing out she took like 20 mins haha, was swerving back and forth on my lawn. My parents asked me later about it, I forgot what I said though.
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    I have to get enough of that kind of stuff for every building where I work. I go to bj's and get like 20-30 monster bags of toilet paper. If I ever run out at my house I always have a back up supply at work. I'm not a janitor btw
  18. Bobby pins have so many uses....
    ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah straight up im weak
  20. - Carry travel sized mouthwash bottles, breathmints, or even a bottle of water (with or without lemon) to keep your breath fresh and not so dry after smoking.
    - eye drops
    - body spray

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