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Secretive about smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 0huefe, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone, I just have been wondering the last few times I've smoked about how secretive I am smoking. I mean, only a few select friends of mine know about me toking, and they are fellow tokers as well. But, to all you others who are secretive, do you ever feel the guilt that you're constantly hiding something from your family, friends, loved ones...etc? Lately, whenever I get high, I start to get in-depth thought about if my best friends(that don't smoke) found out, and what if my family found out? My life would be a complete wreck! I mean, I get good grades, and nobody at my private school would even suspect I smoke. But it's just hard because it seems to never fail to ruin my high, because of the constant paranoia and guilt. Can anyone help by telling me past experiences with this, or let me know what I should do.
  2. Never come clean brother.

    Deny deny deny. I wanted to buy some papers from a store and the cashier just went like hey man you know papers are a waste of "stuff" I'm like I dunno what you're talking bout I'm smoking tobacco.
  3. You're way over thinking this.

    Blaze all you want, don't advertise it.
  4. Ya my mom would cry if she found out, my dad doesn't care

  5. How would she feel about you drinking booze? She probably wouldn't cry, huh? I'm not talking shit but I just hate the priorities some people have.

    You're overthinking it dude. Society is the one that has the problem with the herb, not you. :D

  6. way to be a dick about it. paranoid much?

  7. Yeah, because that CASHIER is working for the police, just waiting for a kid like you to trip up and say its for weed!!!!!!

    You think the cashier would have enjoyed a small convo like he was attempting to start, to break the monotony of his McJob, and you go and shut it down and make him look like a dick.

    Seriously, why not just be like "yeah but i love 'em!" or some playful comment as you wrap up your purchase. It couldn't hurt.
  8. dont feel guilty bout wat you do man! thats jus you an wat you wanna do! now wit that bein said....the only time ive felt guilt or watever after smoking was when i would go chill wit my best friend (well ex best friend). id smoke then go chill wit her an feel weird about it. even tho she knew i smoked an accepted me for it. i jus didnt feel right about it wit her so i told myself i wouldnt smoke before chillin wit her. now the only person that doesnt kno is my dad an sometimes i wish i could jus tell him an things would be cool (i mean im definitely old enough that i wouldnt "get in trouble"), its jus the whole disappointment road i dont wanna go down. im at the point where im like if he finds out on his own then ok, but if i can get by wit out him knowin then thats cool too.

    hell i was thinkin last night...he downs the beer all the time, why is that any different then tokin up?! lmao...thats wat ima say if he ever finds out hahah

  9. I. Know what you mean dude but who wants to make their mom cry you know?
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    I usually smoke with my buds, but when I'm toking on my own I always go to deep into woods or someplace really secluded. Smoking is just so much more enjoyable for me when I don't have to worry about someone coming and ruining my day. Nature looks even more amazing after a few bowls too. :smoke: As far as people being disappointed in me for smoking?? Hell, I don't know them, I could care less what they thing of me. I'll just be myself and keep smoking, and not be a jerk to people or do stupid things while blazed. If all people did that, they may just change peoples' opinions about mj smokers, or maybe even smoking mj in general.
  11. My friend, let me tell you. I was very secretive about it as well. My cousin and my other fellow tokers knew of course, and my cousin is my best(toker)friend. But eventually I got sloppy, and I'd tell some other friends, knowing that they were interested in trying out the herb.

    This wasn't a mistake, in my opinion, but be very sure of this, before you reveal yourself to anyone.

    I WAS SECRETIVE. I got busted a few weeks ago. That's how bad it can go. Just letting you know of the risks...

    You're over reacting too, brother. Try not to worry, try not to smoke too much, as it might affect your life to the negative - remember. Balance is key.


    - Serenity
  12. Nope it's one of my rules, I just never mention it to anyone ever and especially to some kid stoned out of his mind that will tell other people about this.

    It's not paranoia if it's really happening dude.

  13. I doubt his encounter with you would be that important to him, he might tell a smoking buddy that night but that's about it.

    Although, I do understand where you are coming from. Paranoia can be a bitch but it can also keep you out of jail.
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    Your completely right. If only the majority of citizens and parents-to-be today wouldn't have been raised by an uncompromising breed of uptight, closed minded, old-fashioned, and highly constrictive prohibition and pro-prohibition-era extremists... I believe there wouldn't be a war on cannabis in the U.S. right now; it would be legal.

    Just a while back a friend of mine got arrested with two and a half ounces while walking down the road. He's a great guy, had a clean record, a sophomore in high school, got straight A's, a passionate hunter, worked two part time jobs hard, bought and paid for his own car, and apartment by himself. Since he got arrested; he was forced to miss over two weeks of schooling while he rotted in jail, making his grades drop dramatically, he then lost his apartment due to the court and probation "fees" of over twelve thousand dollars, minus what he payed for his lawyer, lost both of his jobs, and his drivers license because of his MIP Charge, his girlfriend of five years is also no longer allowed to see him by her parents ever since she was visited by a police officer at her house and questioned, and he is now severely depressed, living with his parents, drug tested once a week by his probation agent, and searched at the beginning of each day, and when he leaves at his high school, mocked by classmates for it because the teachers brought up that he had been arrested and what for, and still has "fees" yet to pay.
    Am I the only one that finds this ridiculous?? The Police took an outstanding guy, and completely tore his life to shreds because he smoked cannabis. Show me one case that someone died solely from smoking cannabis. I think what society often misses is how much better peoples' lives are using cannabis, and how unfairly police discriminate on people who smoke it, even after they served "their" "debt to society" for choosing to do something with their own body, that hurts nobody else.

    I apologize for the long ass message, i'm baked and needed that out.
    Edit: Then, his probation agent had the nerve to tell him to go and get a job and get back in school. His pocket knives, firearms, crossbow, and a priceless katana, wakizashi, and tanto set that his grandfather had given him taken as a keepsake from WW2 era japan were all seized from his apartment because they were "illegal" to own while on probation. He was told they were confiscated; he would never get them back.
  15. Nothing wrong with keeping it under the radar. People who don't need to know you smoke don't need to know you smoke.
  16. Haha I was buying phillies the other day and the dude said "Are these blunt wraps?" so I said no and then he realized they were cigarillos and then said "I guess they are gonna be blunt wraps huh." I just told him that I had a special blend of tobacco I was putting in them lol.
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    Who knows what could happen if he tells someone someone bought rolling papers and they had a little exchange about an "illegal substance." Its like they don't get people in there all the time buying rolling papers.

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