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Secret To Getting The Highest Yoube Ever Been

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2313, Jun 5, 2013.

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    Let me start of by saying i am really fucking baked right now, so I might not make sense. But today this isnhowni consumed my weed. I usually just vape a trench with my MFLB or plugin vape before bed m, but since school ended I've been getting high so much more. So today I woke up and pluged in my plugin vape for a wake and bake this morning at like 8:45, I vaped 2 trenches of dank instead often usual 2. So I'm fucking fried then at 11 am I decided to vape again, even though I don't usually vape twice in one day. So I ordered a large calzone to be delivered to my house and the I vaped my third plugin trench of the day. I was so fucking blasted after all that vaping, I also built a fire in our first pit outside and just sat there so high looking at the fire m. So my parent leave tonight at like 7 pm and I decide to go rip my bong!! I was still high from smoking at 11 am because I have a low tolerance and tripled my normal smoking session amount. So I pulled out my bong and ripped two fat bowls of dank down. The bong really him led me and had me coughing like a bitch behind my shed lol. Seriously though the big hits felt so harsh and stung so much after strictly vaping for about a month. Anyway so these two bowls took my fr high to straight up stoned. I'm talking like first time I got high absolutely stoned. So now it's 4 hours after the bong rips at 11 pm and I got outside and rip another trench in my MFLB. It was a solid trench that produced thick vapor. I was still drones fol the king rips when I took the MFL. hits that I can't even find words to describe how stoned I am after vaping. It's honestly increasingly. To give you and example of how high I am, orange soda tastes like mounds of sugar, for some reason I can fast the air, I thinks evil twin is after me, and I got lost going dr the bathroom to my room.its about a 3ft walk and I verse off the correct path and walked into my hallway closet door and them freaked out and got so paranoid about being lost. This is such a weird high it's like an extremely focused high I've never experienced before. Stupid correct now saving my ass right nowhahahahaha. BUT ANYWAY THE SECRET TO GETING EXTREMELT STONED IS USING DIFFERENT DIFFERENT DEVICES TO SMOKE FROM. YOU NEED TO MIX IT UO BECAUSE YOUR BOSY GROWS ACCUSTOL TO CERTAIN INTAKENMETHODS THAT'S YOU USE ALOT. WHEN YOU MIX UP HOW YOU USE THE WEED YOUR JODY ABSORBS LORE OF IT AND YOU GET MORE HIGH THAN USUAL. For example, i vaped 3 times my normal amount this morning and stayed highball day, them after dinner at like 7 I busted out the bong and ripped down 2 fat
    Bowls.its been so long since I used the bong so I got super high. Then when in still baked from a day of mixed smoking and vaping I bring out my old MFLB, I haven't used my MFLB since I got my 150$ plug In. It rips sooo hard. Anyway the MFLB and the plug in definitely have a different high they give me and so does the bong, because all the unique highs mixed together today I'm so fucking blasted right now. So anyway that's my theory: the more variety of smoking devices you use in a day the higher you will be at the end of the day. I doubt anyone kept reading the stupid post all the way down here, if you did your probably pretty baked. Anyway, for any of you that's gonna reply to this thread by saying like "cool story bro" just don't do it. You clearly don't understand what it means to be a stoner and you need to learn to relax and not judge everyone to make yourself feel better. Your just jealous that I'm ducking like hallucinatingly baked right now and your life sucks. So F off negative people. For all you cool stoners out there I leave you with this, as the famous Tyga once said: "Just To Kick It Is A Blessing". Peace out, one love, and God Bless America!!!!!!

    Oh and Kid Cudi's still boss even though I don't like his new album except for Ki g Wizard and Just What I Am.

    Wow I can't believe how high I am. Like old man river always said "haters gon hate, alligators gon alligate". It's a deeper statement than you think.

    I can't wait to see how many people will complain about this "pointless post" bust I know someone out there will probably get a laugh out of it. Anyway please feel free to leave a reply of your chill and not gonna hate :)

    I finished that post at exactly midnight, how sketchy is that. Anyway I'm probably gonna go meditate and try and lucid dream. That's the only thing to do at this point. Peace out, and Smokey from Friday is the ideal stoner look him up. Beotch!!!
  2. Dude you're high as a God damn kite!
  3. LOL!
    Naw man, I believe you. I've been consistently only vaping weed with occasional bong rips for a goood idk 2 months. A couple days ago I decided just to pack a bowl cuz it's been a fucking minute since I smoked out of the ole' bowl. Bruh, I packed me a nice personal bowl. not too fat mind you, but a nice bowl... that shit had me ripped dawg. Not highest I've ever been, but highest I had gotten for a while.
    I also noticed if I don't smoke a blunt for a while, that first blunt is just like, 'damn, son, im high af right now.'
  4. How high were you when you typed this? lol but anyways that's a good point 
    I'd say he was supa-dupa high
  6. lol yep i've been there and also nice profile pic adventure time
    Haha bruh there's been times back in the day where I literally could not get off the couch man! That high!
    ppreciate it cuz, I love Adventure Time =D
  8. Yea I was fucking stoned lol. It's currently the morning after and I'm a little hazy still haha. One love
  9. I loved this whole post
    Motion for sticky!
  10. I got high once...never again.
  11. First sentence:  
    Sounds like something from Death Note. Consuming your weed maaan!
    And before you stoners say... Yes, i do know its meant to say "is how i", lol
  12. I do this alot MFLB or extream Q during the wek and bust out the bong on the week end
  13. This is the 2nd most fucked thing i've ever read.
  14. The secret to getting really stoned is to smoke a lot of high grade bud. Not using different devices.
  15. cool story bro
  16. Wanna know my secret? its only 4 letters... D.A.B.S  :laughing:
  17. Nice...I think this can all be attributed to the fact that when you use diffrent methods to get high you get diffrent amounts of THC/CBD's.  It kinda makes sense lol.  Were you smoking diffrent strains too cause that'll do it also. IDK sounds like fun I wish I had the cash to smoke that much I'd be a better person... much love stoners
  18. This was the best thread I have read in gc, I hope to get as high as you have sir, because that sounds really awesome.
  19. I miss the good old days of being a novice.

    No mattet how long of a tolerance break you took after smoking heavily for more than a few years you can never get the same high like when you just started smoking. Unless you eat like a mega dose.edible Im sure and have like an ego death trip(jk)

    Ok maybe if you take years worth of a break you can probably still get really trippy highs for a while. But the tolerance will shoot right back up.
  20. Love the random tyga quote Hahahaha wasnt expecting that and his theorie does make sence I wonder if u can stack a edible high with all the sht u did

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