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secret stashes

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by atomicpenguin12, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. What are some good, camoflauged places to hide your stash? I need something accessible, but hidden in a way that the cops might miss it if they show up with a warrant. Also, it needs to be big enough to hide a good sized grinder, preferably with some room left over for my personal stash of green.
  2. Take apart a wall clock, like the innards and whatnot, stash stuff in there, then put the back of it on. If you can keep it running that'd be great, if not, shouldn't be too big a deal.
  3. If the cops show up, they'll probably bring dogs and you can't hide anything from their amazing noses.. Poor creatures; if they knew how much pain and injustice their amazing sense of smell is causing..

    Anyway, loose floorboards, guitar amps etc. etc... Stuff like that. Smoke some ganja, look through your house and find a place - you always get more creative when high :smoke:

    But again, if the cops has a warrant, they'll probably bring dogs; they know that people hides it and they won't go through the trouble of disassembling every pc monitor, speaker, sofa cushions etc. when they can just bring a dog.. When you hide your stash it's from civilians visiting your house or cops searching without a warrant (though you wouldn't let them, of course)..
  4. I would definitely go for something that is off the ground. You could try, like he said before, a wall clock or even use a smoke alarm or something to hide it in.
  5. i agree with the dog statement ^


    you could find an outlet u dont use, maybe one behind a couch or bed and cap the wires, alternativly u could cut a hole and make a box and fit a false cover over it.

    but whos gonna unscrew all ur outlets?

    regardin the dog, ive heard they cant smell through water, the thing is, dogs can smell where something USED to be

    but im wonderin if u smoke in ur house would that confuse the dog, u know, cuz the smell would be everywhere.

    i got the idea about the dog from hunters, sayin that while they would hunt for ratcoons the sneakin bastards would jump into a river and the dog would lose the scent and become confused, some one should test this somehow.
  6. Thanks for the tips guys. So my understanding is that if they show up with a warrant, I'm boned cause they'll bring in the dogs immediately. Thing is, I'm thinking about buying larger amounts, instead of just hiding the occasional 20-sack. Should I not worry so much? just try harder to eliminate probable cause and not worry so much about what to do once the 5-0 gets there?
  7. Dude I hid my lighter and papers in my light switch and about an eighth of bud at any given time in an outlet when I was a minor. Shit was great. Girlfriend's cop dad came to visit for dinner and it was so awesome that he had NO idea after a tour of my room that he had been two feet from 3g of dank, a spoon (under my bed), a couple molly capsules and an Oxy 40.

    I had fun with that molly later when I shared it with her. I hope he doesn't know the pervy shit I did with his daughter. I'm still alive, so he must not, lol.
  8. I've combined 3 world of warcraft boxes into one, and use it as a stash.
    Works rather well.
  9. I cut a slit under the flap on my couch in my room and I keep anywhere from 1-7 grams, papers, a lighter, and a bowl in it no problem
  10. i shove all my stuff into this rather large sunglasses case and put it in a baseball mit then throw it at the bottom of this big bin full of sports things that's in my closet... no one has used this bin since like 10 years ago so i think it's a fairly safe bet...
  11. In most big stereo systems the speakers are full of open space so you can just pry off the back stash your stuff and put it back on it works better with some speakers than others but its a pretty good option. but i doubt it will help with dogs. and on the back of les paul and statocasters they have removeable back plates that you can stash a few items in. it takes a bit to get too considering there are sevral screws holding the back plates on but if you feel like doing the work it is a good spot. hope it helps and thanks for reading.
  12. I seriously wouldn't do massive wall operations in your room if you're hiding such a small amount.

    I have a few spots around my room, but only go to the effort to put it in a good space if I have a large amount. ie: ounce/half.

    If you have a PS2, take off the back cover (expansion bay) and you have a good hiding space. You can almost fit an ounce in that bay. Woo
  13. You wanna stash it up high so that the dogs will have a harder time smelling it.
  14. make sure to store it in something completely airtight to eliminate smelll
    and ya be creative hahaha
  15. [​IMG]

    The coving in the top of rooms if you want to store large amounts.
  16. i hide it in the cold air return part of our air system. works great. never had a warrant served though so who knows.
  17. Like a bunch of people already said, try to get it off the ground. The dogs will have a much harder time smelling it if it is above there heads a couple feet or so. And also make sure that it us in an air tight container which will help eliminate the smell also. I don't really have any segestions of specific places though, sorry
  18. A good way to cover up the smell so the dogs cant notice it is to put all your stuff (weed grinder etc) in a ziplock bag then put that bag into another bag full of coffee grounds. My old friend/dealer did that and he had his place searched with dogs and they didnt find anything. I think he got the idea from beverly hills cop. It Probably only works with small amounts though
  19. I put my weed in a airtight container behind my door then put that in a pot that is filled with old coins, that are covered in mould and shit. the money smells really bad so it masks the smell of the weed its works real good.

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