secret service?

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  1. and my stoner partner at work drive a box truck and deliver things all over md va and dc. we had to drop a bookfair off at the reagan bulding, everything was cool, we had a few things to take back, sealed in blue totes. well, we left and my partner had to go into a hospital in dc to get some papers or somthin, i wasnt really payin attention to what he was doin cause i started hittin the bowl right when we left. he parked the truck, walked across the street to the hospital. turns out where he parked, it just happened to be in front of the embassy of spain. aww man...i thought that diplomat tag on that car in front of us meant something. anyway, the guy comes out and says the truck needs to be moved in 5 minutes or hes gotta call secret service. and ive got a bowl in my pocket too...this could only happen to i figured id move the thing, pull up a few streets and walk back and tell my buddy what happened. hey look at that!! he took the keys with him!! amazing. so this guy has no cell phone, that truck cant be moved without the keys he took. 4 minutes and counting...i made a shit ton of calls trying to get a hold of someone that could get a hold of his wife to get a hold of his doctor to tell him to get out here now. no dice. at this point i decided to hide the bowl in my shoe. better than my pocket if i get pat down. and here they come. they stick my in cuffs and sit me down on the curb, and open up and search the truck. top to bottom. and here comes my buddy, right on time. he gets the cuffs and put on the curb. we got the truck searched up and down, but they didnt search us at all except our wallets to identify us. we were in work cloths and matching outfits so they pretty much figured what was goin on when they opened up blue totes to find books. we got a 500 dollar fine, which our company is gonna cover, and a really stern dont ever do this again. then we drove off. i didnt even smoke anything til i got home after that.

    talk about bein nervous...i guess they just wanted to make sure we werent tryin to blow up the embassy of spain. watch where you park in dc. they dont play around with that stuff man.

    stupid stoner moment=scaryest experience in my life.
  2. God damn, dude, that woulda scared the shit out of me.

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