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  1. here's a shitty layout of my secret room. There is a water heater in the top left corner and the top right where it branches off is the entrance where i still will have plants. Will have just enough walk way to get in and do feedings. Was wondering how many plants i could do in this space, all in all its 32 square feet (counting out the water heater). And i plan on doing a Sea of Green.. I have (2) 600 watt HPS lights. A carbon filter setup (6 in) running to a old exhaust vent outside my house, through an exterior wall. Found a vent that was no longer being used, luckily. Also have another carbon filter (4 in) sucking fresh air in the room.. This room will be for flowering plants only. I have the clones/veg area somewhere else. Going to start growing in 2/3 gallon smart pots... Using coco.. I've used it before and was impressed. I have a turbo cloner and a nice mama plant now ready to cut up. Like asked before, how many plants would be recommended growing in this area? 7 more square feet than my old 5 x 5 grow tent. Not my first grow i can handle the MAX i can throw in this thing! Not comfortable with posting actual pics of the grow room, but i will eventually.

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  2. post pics . whats the difference . they already know your ip# get your address to you door step or if you posted on your cell they know how you pay for service .

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