secret pot farm

Discussion in 'General' started by last hero, Sep 30, 2003.

  1. 37 million dollars worth of weed was found in a secret pot farm 4 blocks away from my house! If only i knew about it before it was found by the fuzz. OOOOMg i must find out whos that was
  2. Uh....Um...hmm..... Im at a loss of words... gimme a sec...

    Stoner Cat...
  3. another pic of stoner cat

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  4. lol that cat's funny well forgot all the welcome N stuff so here it goes.

    Sup man welcome to the City hope ya Stay a while every toker is welcome here :) .
  5. hell yea waht a warm welcome cronic lol ohh by the way we are gonna so get fukD up this weekend!!!
  6. roflmao at the stoned cat!!
  7. I got my cat high once... damn thing freaked out attacked my friend and hid under the bed for like 10 minutes till i got to paranoid of it latching onto my lower leg or ankle and just scraping into my flehs with its teeth and claws ,.... so we lifted the bed up friend grabed it then it attacked him and he threw it out the door into the hallway... the door in the hallway was closed so i had to go in with the pissed off stoned cat turn the light on and open the door... scary times ....scary times...

  8. Hehe! Your cat got a case of the PaRaNoIdS!!!!!!

    Heh... sorry, just kinda' seems funny. :smoke:
  9. Whoah that's a freaky lookin cat.
  10. That cat is so funny looking, stoner eyes. Heheheheh.

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