Secret Messages in Music?

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  1. My friend said there is secret messages in some music. I don't know what to think.

    No he wasn't talking about playing Led Zeppelin backwards and other stupid shit like that.

    Anyone have any opinions on this?
  2. What was he talking about then?
  3. I know you said that you didn't mean Led Zeppelin playing backwards but Stairway DID say "words have two meanings." I've been writing songs for about a year now and one of the biggest lessons I learned was to be vague. That's what makes the magic that makes you feel like the song was meant for you, and you only. If you're telling a story about a bad day, and you say what time you got up etc, it will be way too detailed and it won't connect with the listener. But if you say WHAT made your day bad, and describe the emotional state you're in, how you feel etc, it works. It can have one meaning for somebody, but a complete other for somebody else. Or you might just be thinking of a play on words, like saying something in a clever way that means 2 things.
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    umm i heard of artist that's in or against so called "Illuminati" that sending out secret messages in their videos & lyrics..

    i know a lot of people people said prince warned us about 9/11 wayy back in 1998 through a song...

    "I've gotta go home y'all...
    I've gotta go back to America
    I've gotta go get ready for the bomb
    Osama Bin Laden gettin ready to bomb
    America... you better watch out... 2001"

    ^ tons of people admitted to hearing him say that at a concert in 1998, ill search for the link
  5. I want that link..
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    1998 Prince O-> song "Osama bin laden Gettin Ready to Bomb" - Democratic Underground

    audio (don't know if that's his voice, only heard him sing and not talk in regular voice)

    Prince - Osama Bin Laden Get Ready 2 Bomb - 2001- Also Sprach Zarathustra: Free MP3 Download

    david banner and lil wayne seems to know a lot of shit about this new so called "Illuminati" too... David banner said they invited him to a "meeting" and said be careful who and what we pledge allegiance to lol, ill get a link to that directly from his twitter too if you want.

  7. He was talking about Jay-z and the govt. Mentioned Kid Cudi and Rihanna too.

    I didn't really get what he was saying because I was chopped at the time. I felt like this:rolleyes: cuz I thought he was crazy.

    Shit sounded pretty scary though.
  8. [ame=]YouTube - 2Pac - Yes Im Alive! (Subliminal Message) FULL AUDIO AND VID[/ame]
  9. reminds me when judas priest went to court for subliminal "do its" in their music.

  10. I heard about that. That is nonsense that they would even try to blame them for that. Living After Midnight was one of the first riffs I learned on guitar.
  11. what was he saying in the music?
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    ohh your talking about backwards music messages? yeah i remember someone spin lil wayne- hustler musik backwards and put it on youtube when it first came out and he was talking about murdering people and being apart of a gang and the mafia.... shit it creepy if he really put it in there on purpose

    when the song goes forward he says "now i ain't never killed nobody i promise, but i promis if he tries me he gonna have to rewind this track and make it go back" (hinting people to make the song go backwards)

    and when you make it go backwards it says this V

    -" set it off, set it off, rewind this you'll know more than I assure this to you fam. Where I'm from, where are you from, right to this day I am sincere genie, yes ma, your first wish you could fly, you should help us., eat eat wit me...."

    -"new orleans now, see now reaper its mercy now, the demons, oh they fear satan eh, oh yes"

    -"my hands knife,i had to fight.. thats right, all i did was stab"

    -"girl bullets behind you, don't run"

    -"Got his dollars, got a fam but he died but time run him off my memory"

    and "i feel like dying" talks about burying people backwards

    i can't find the videos on youtube of them going backwards but it was there about a year ago :(
  13. Someone her had the theory the 'Illuminati' were using these artists to get thier message out.

    But since the illuminati doesnt exist...

  14. Sure the don't exist:rolleyes: there symbols are all over the place in movies, television, product packaging, company logos, and music.
  15. Yes. They place 'their' symbols everywhere, but they dont want anyone to know they exist...

  16. What's your explanation for these recurring. They just look good?
  17. Im sure you are referring to things like the 'Great Eye', right?

    I dont recall it ever being associated with the Illuminati, but another group that does currently exist.
  18. Annuit cœptis

    Novus ordo seclorum

    That roughly translates to "He approves our New Order of the Ages"

  19. So you kicked my butt in latin but seriously it is everywhere. What do you think when you see these symbols everywhere on nearly every product?

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