Secret Life Of The Cat

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  1. Secret life of the cat BBC spies on 50 cats in a small English village, so wonder what your cat does when you are away?
    Notes: The 10 cats are a selection of 50 studied in the Surrey Hills over a number of weeks. Researchers used GPS trackers to record the cats' movements over six 24-hour periods. Micro-cameras were attached to a selection of cats to film their activities. All equipment was checked by animal welfare experts to ensure it was the right size and weight for cats to wear safely. The maps of the routes of the 10 cats above are not all from the same 24-hour period or necessarily from the same day the cat cam footage was recorded. GPS tracking data was filtered to discard obvious false readings, however some smaller inaccuracies may remain. Time ticks over a 24-hour period and does not reflect the hour of the day.

  2. Just finished watching this documentary. I enjoyed it. There is a famous businessman here in NZ who has a public campaign against cats. He feels they are killing our native bird population and that cats should be eradicated. His website below:

    I think he should watch this doco.

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