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  1. Ok so i have this design in my head of a large speaker box, like the old large ones that are like 4ft high and have a subwoofer, midrange and tweeter. My plan is to build it about 3 1/2 ft high and 15" wide 12" long. And have one 400 watt hps lamp with an air cooled cage. Im going to use a 120mm computer case fan and connect it to blow through the hps light cage and out of a port in the speaker box. ANd using a passive intake on the bottom of the box. Im planning on growing just one plant in it with a small dwc system with a 5" net pot.

    But one of my main concerns is that this is going to be a fuctional speaker box still, the movement of the speakers or sound isnt going to damage the light or the plant is it?

    heres my poorly drawn sample
  2. i think it will be super hot in there u need better air circulation then thay 1 port hole
  3. not gonna happen sorry, to much heat in that space. NO PC fan is going to cool a 400 watt anyway.
  4. WHAT HE SAID!!!:yay:
  5. ok so cfl is proboly the only way to go then
  6. Also, I do know that anything inside an active speaker cab. of the size or any size that isnt nailed down will move. Ever feel the amount of air coming out of a ported cab.? It'll be an earthquake in there. Notice how everything is glued, screwed and fastened in there.
  7. I think that at the end of the day, its not a good idea. You'd be better off building yourself a stealth "closet"
  8. actually i heard along time ago about playing classical music to plants increases yeild but thought it was just an old myth
    so for the hell of it i typed "music effects on plants" into google
    and i found this study

    its very interesting

    it seems to sort of make some sense, i think what i might actually do is perform a experiment since im building 2 identical speaker boxes ill hook up one and use it for music and leave the other to sit and see if the yields are much different
  9. id say CFL would be your best bet. However there are some 150w HPS lamps that might work, that is, if you make the ventilation a priority.
  10. check out the link in my signature- there's lots of calculations comparing many different lights there.
  11. wow ya im glad i read your post i was going to buy one 150 watt cfl that put out 8000 lumens, off ebay for like $50. But i found a much better setup with 6 25 watt cfl's for $35 that will put out 10,800 lumens.

    And when my plants are almost full height i can put some of the cfl's on the top and bottom so the bottom buds dont die. :hello::smoke:
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    Don't bother. The bottom buds always seem to come out crappy any whatnot with CFL. If you read about other people's experience they all say pretty much the same thing: trim growth from the bottom 2 or 3 inches of the plant, and the growth will get focused on the upper buds... you can use side lighting for the midsection etc, but the bottom parts always suck...
  13. Link does not work, and this is great I will be watching this. I have my own setup going to check it out in my sig:wave:
  14. Do a 250w Hps you will be able to control the heat.... Cfl's cost a lot of money to buy 5-6 of em to equal what a hps can do.
  15. I was thinking a mini 150watt hps grow light with mb a few cfls in side. let me know cuz I thought the heat would be too much with a hps inside.
  16. naw i got 12 cfl's 6 for each box of grow and bloom lights it only cost $75 and will put out 10,200 lumens for each box which will be plenty for just one plant in each
  17. I'm actually using a speaker box just like that, only Not working.. It's not all put together yet plus I need to learn a few things but it's a work in progress.. One idea i had was to use a round fan of the same size as the main subwoofer (which i just happened to have!) to help cool it down. Then there are already two or three other holes for lights or whateve you need them for :D seems like a good idea to me. but i'm not too educated yet
  18. Can I have a link of the bulbs you used? I also think that a mini 150 watt HPS will be btetter than a few CFLS? Correct??

    Hey check out my sig, I have a speakerbox too, you can kinda see what I have started thank you:wave:
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    heres some updated pics

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