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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by ox38776, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. im would like to start growing but if i do imafraid my parent will find out. i was thinking about growing it in a cubbord witha door that no one uses, but would tht be good for the plant. i should i jus wait till i get my own place????
  2. where exaclty is this cupboard located? sounds too risky to me......;)
  3. Ok, you're in teh same position as me, if ur rents dont go in your room much then i suggest you do this:-

    Find a tool box and line the inside with tin foil and get a light and tape it to the top of the toolbox, then put your pots at the bottom in party cups, then put the tool bnox in a bigger cardboard box at the back so if you open the box you can see the inside of the box, then put a fan facing the tool box and then put some holes in the box at the back (air or whatewver) then put some other stuff around the box, (towels? douvets? covers etc..) Thats what i do..
  4. it never a good idea to use tape to fix your light, try using a hose clamp or something a bit more secure (heat can cause the tape to melt, and fall onto your plants:()

    and theres no shame in growing in a cardboard box, just make sure the light doesnt get to hot, or mount the light to a peice of wood and put the wood in the box to act as a heatsink more or less..... ;)
  5. Lol, poke a whole then a push the light in so it fits tight?

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