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    Hey guys, I had some encouragement to put this in a journal and I think I'll enjoy telling people that don't know me because I keep it VERY quiet even to close friends. That has been one of my main factors in how I have gone about this entire setup. My goal is to be as discreet as possible while also being efficient. This is my first attempt at growing anything, so you guys will see if I can keep these girls(hopefully) alive...

    The Setup

    Room 2ftx8ft and 8ft tall
    Lighting 400 watt HPS/MH
    Ventilation 200 CFM
    Carbon Filter
    Method Hydroponics-Bubbler Drip System
    Nutrients TechnaFlora

    Feel free to ask any questions and offer any advice, I'm new at this...

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  2. i hope everything goes well looks good to!!
    o man wait!
    first get them in separate pots!
    second cant leaving the rock well expose to light can create algae!!!!
  3. Definitely subscribing to this. Good luck and keep us posted
  4. [quote name='"pinkbear"']i hope everything goes well looks good to!!
    o man wait!
    first get them in separate pots!
    second cant leaving the rock well expose to light can create algae!!!![/quote]

    I have 3 in each because I dont know which seedlings are females yet so im making sure i get one of per pot. But thanks for the heads up on the rock wool...i`ll fix that ASAP...
  5. Ok here are some pictures that I took today...these guys are nearly 4 weeks old, except for the one bigger plant. It's 6 weeks old...

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  6. I like it....Im subbed.
  7. Well here it is so far...I took these pics last week but grasscity wasn't letting me upload photos so here they are. They are all 4 weeks in these pics except for the really big one, it's around 6 or 7 weeks.

    So a funny thing happened last week, I was using some LST (Low Stress Training) to get a better yeild and help all of the get as much light as possible. So I was carefully bending one of them and the stem broke! Only around 40% was still connected. I got some rooting gel and put it on the break and it healed in a couple days. You can see the close up how be the stem got in that area. Thought it was interesting...

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  8. Well I'm on week 6 and boy they have really shot up in the last few days. I am thinking of flowering them once they get around 12" tall because my buddy told me it can triple in size...

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  9. If anyone has any advice on Flushing the plants during the grow, I'd appreciate hearing it. I'm thinking about flushing before flowering. I'm using FloraTech Nutes...
  10. Great room for this. I am using a household closet about the same size, 8x2x8. I can tell you that if it were possible to make the 2 foot area into 3 feet deep life would be easier. But we can only change things we can change.

    I flushed half way through my first grow. It was a bit of a pain and messy. I have since gotten better at handling the hoses so don't make a mess anymore but also don't flush until the last week before harvest.

    I am doing the Bubble system but all from under the plants. I have no liquids above my water line. That is me. You seem to be having no problems doing it your way so keep at it.

    Having it outside like that be careful not to park your lawn mower too close to the door. Make sure you don't do yard work and then come in to do work. Spider Mites suck and they are harder to keep away when working outside or in a garage or something like that. You can transfer them from your outdoor plants or grass where they are living into your garage and then they will seek out your grow. It taste way better then the grass they have been living on. I always wash my hands before and after I handle my plant and I try to remember to always wear disposable rubber gloves.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I was going to give it a quick flush right before i flower and then once more before harvest. That room is actually in my basement not near any other vegetation, but thanks for the heads up. And i wish i would have made it a little bigger too, but its too late now. I think I'm going to start flowering here in a week of two...
  12. nice set up. ill be watching this closely bro... :smoke:
  13. Just took these photos tonight. Still in week 6 but these girls(hopefully) are growing like crazy now...

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  14. Well they are 12 inches now. I also just check my grow journal, and I planted these little guys on November 8th meaning that they are 6 weeks old tomorrow. I definitely did not expect them to grow this this the normal rate of growth? Either way, I'm going to begin flowering next week! Really excited to see which plant well be females and which ones I will have to execute!

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  15. Can you see the roots? They aren't tangling up at all?
  16. I haven't inspected the roots as very closely but they don't seem to be tangled up too much. There are three plants in each net pot. The net's are nearly as big around as the 5 gallon bucket and I put each plant an inch or two from the edge to be as far away from each other as possible. What happens if they tangle a little? I planned on just snipping the males at the bottom of their stalk...
  17. Not sure if their roots will gives you any problems leaving them in there. Don't know much about hydroponics tho
  18. :wave: what's good blade? Setups looking pretty good :cool:

    I was worried while going through pics but I saw that you weren't sure which were females.. So that works...ish...unless you get 3 females... Or even two.... It'll be crowded in there.

    When you do snip the males make sure you follow their root systems and remove all of it. If you leave it there's potential for rot or crap to get started.

    Flushing doesn't really apply to dwc... You can just do a full res switch when you change over to flower.... My suggestion for the end of harvest would be to just addback the last week or two with plain ph'ed water.
  19. That's what I was worried about too. The roots rotting and maybe causing mold or other contaminants
  20. Cool, thanks for the heads up. I'll make sure to get all of the roots I can. Hopefully I know soon what I've got so I can get them out. I think I'll get a decent amount of the roots since its in hydroton right? And if I do have very many females I'll just deal with it being crowded and see which plant I like the most, and keep that clone. I have some Big Bud x White Widow seeds but I am making sure I have a solid setup before I use the good ones. These are all bag seeds... Looks like I'm going to switch over to 12/12 tonight...

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