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  1. okay well this summer I plan to design a grow shed outside of my house...... I want it to also be a chill room. I need a design that will keep the grow room secretive because alot of people are gunna be walking in and out of their.. So again a easy to build shed chill room that may have sme sort of secret spot to grow like 1-3 plants.... Any odeas ( :
  2. build a false wall and make a hidden door from a bookshelf or behind something you could easily move out of the way.
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    Check this out!
    [ame=""]Secret Garden[/ame]
  4. any idea how long it'll take to build? Like I got tike but I want to start emm planties right awayyyyy
  5. That all depends on how motivated and how much money you have I guess.

    They sell pre-manufactured sheds that all you need to do is poor a slab or footings and then just put the pieces together. A lot easier than designing and building one by yourself.

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