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  1. So I will be walling off a portion of my garage. The room will be split up for a veg room and flower room. I will be building a RDWC system with 13 gallon totes. How many plants do yall think I can grow in the flower room? 7ft x 6ft.. The room will have a PVC structure all around for the trellis netting. My guess is 8 plants? The main reservoir will also be in the flower room. Here's a shitty drawn picture just to give you an idea. I will be uploading pics as we get the walls up. Also, was curious if the flower room should be longer than the veg room. There a 3x2 block that walled up to the ceiling that will be in the veg room that sadly cant be removed.

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  2. 7x6 would leave you a little room to work on the girls with a single light covering 5x5 of it.
    How many plants? As many as you want! Not being snarky, hang with me a sec.
    With a SOG approach and not topping the plants, 1 plant per square foot is pretty good. Veg time: 2-3 weeks typically.
    Using a SCROG approach, you could fill the entire space with a single plant. Veg time: 2-3 months typically.
    I have been gravitating more toward the go-straight-up SOG approach, but pruning extra branches to get 4 heads per plant. With 1 plant per square foot, 4 heads per plant and 6 inch squares in the net, works out very nice, really pushes yield.
  3. do you plan on hanging/drying plants there too? I'm in a 1/2 bathroom with a small veg closet & a 5'x5' (maybe) with 1,000W light & a smaller light for the closet. Vertical ht limits me. 13 gal pots r gonna need alot of h2o. with those size pots you won't fit as many nor be able to lift them to feel how wet they are. #9 plants in 6 gal pots were way too many for me. # 4 worked best so far. looking at 5-6 this time around. I used 2 scrog nets last grow & just cut the plants out when done. (frustrated) best of luck.
  4. I'd have the flower room about 75% larger than the veg room with the air thing on the flower side,
    veg plants stick less, during flower the plants bulk up, veg too but more on the flower side,
    go both way's so the dividing wall can be adjusted
    I' reply to advise to add a drain to the floor,
    no point in having a secret grow room with water leaking out?

    note growing autoflowers is a month less and only one(1) room needed ..

    good luck
  5. true enough, good idea for a drain but I wouldn't bust a hole into concrete over it. ur gonna need a veg area if you want clones (photos/seeds) never grew auto's yet.
  7. indeed it very much depends on the op's grow style, re drain you simply raise the floor using 2x4's and ply 2'' is good
  8. Hiya fuzzy,
    I built a 5.5' x16' room in my garage. I made the flower room 9' and veg room 7'.
    Flwr room has 4x4' bed, on a gravity fed sip tray. 8 " exhaust on heat sensor. 4" exhaust on a timer, servicing both rooms.Oil filled heater on sensor .
    5'.5'' x24" countertop with enclosure underneath for drying,curing.
    Veg room has same heat and exhaust setup,plus 1 -55 gal h20 resavour servicing both rooms.
    Right now the rooms got Vegys growing.

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