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  1. I just came into an armoire that is quite large. So my pan is to gut the inside and build both a veg and bloom chamber in the piece of furniture. Attached is a PDF of my "blueprints" if anyone has any suggestions or tips it would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. nice nice man, blueprints lookin good. i am planning something similar to your's but on a smaller scale. we have a few dressers at my place, we were thinking of gutting them out, and then taking apart the drawers. the drawer faces will then be screwed back in place from the inside to have the appearence of an actual dresser(with small wheels underneath), but the back of it will be hinged as to where we can push it out and open from behind. post some pictures on here when/if you finish this, looks to be a solid grow station! props!
  3. Nice blueprints, but I would suggest more space for the flowering chamber.
  4. You can sell this to IKEA !!!! and make millions

  5. I agree. I'd use the whole armoire for flower.
  6. good job man but your going to need exhaust holes in the actual grow space. and then youll have prob send air in and out of the lighting. also you dont need 5 inch net pots. use 3.5", they work just fine. and unless your doing scrog which i dont recommend in the space you have... the less plants you have in there the better the will stretch and trust me when i say 2-4 plants could easily fill out that hole space. alota noob makes the common mistake of thinking more is better. but in this case less is more. youll be wasting all your vertical space if you grow 9 in each. just veg them longer to get them nice and tall first.... overall you have a good foundation to go by, it will get complicated soon when you have to set up the venitaliton. that is always the most difficult thing. finding a way to have the most air circulating as possible with the least amount of noise. and that is hard as fck because fans are so loud and mad vibrations.... im in a attic hhaha. 100+ temps without my ac up there. loud as fck... good luck bro.

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