Secret drug testing with routine physical??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Fizzly, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. Below is part of my lab report from a routine annual physical I had last January. (I blanked out the "unmentionables.")

    When did they start doing this? It pisses me the fuck off. The doctor nor anybody else ever mentioned anything about it ahead of time, or since.

    What would have happened if THC was positive?

    Note: If it matters, I am self-employed.

  2. Well i guess you're still safe. Just be thankful it's negative.
  3. No clue why this would happen....

    Though, If you test positive for any unmentionable uppers, they struggle to accurately diagnose anything on the mental health end... I kinda assume that'd be the blanked out unmentionables?

    For whatever reason some docs still lump cannabis in with these substances...(reefer madness)

    Im pretty sure nothing wouldve happened if positive.. they just likely wouldnt believe if you thought you had mental health problems.... theyd blame whatever you were positive for "hysteria" or "mania"

    I realize that sounds super paranoid.... But hey, Clean test no worries :yay:
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  4. Thanks for the reply.

    Yeah, clean no worries. But I do consume THC. I just didn't happen to for (how many?) days/weeks before this test. Not knowing about it ahead of time, I just got lucky. Next time maybe not. I get a physical every year, so I can plan ahead. How long does it take urine to be clean?
  5. They are coming for your guns next
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  6. Hi Stiggy! :D

    Yes, I know they are. That's the goal, and I believe there is something in Cuomo's (un)SAFE Act of 2013 about prescription drugs. Maybe I'll die of old age first, but I doubt it.

    Although I'd love to, I'm too fucking old to move out of this fucking state.
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  7. I am surprised The NRA has never challenged Puke Boys Gun act.
    It sure stinks
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