Second Week of New Grow. Comments/Opinions?

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  1. Hey everyone! I stopped smoking so I wanted to start growing. I've grown a few times before, using FFOF, weird lighting which made the sedlings grow very long, along with more newbie mistakes. But THIS TIME, I wanted to do my girls right.
    I started them off in a nice MadFarmers growing medium which I think is peat which has never done me dirty. My setup is 210 x 230 x 175 (does't specify what units, guessing cm or mm) sized pots, which I say is about a gallon. They've been in the pots for about two weeks now, no nutes or anything. I started them off with a grow lamp set about 2 or three inches above them, but I started placing them outside to get used to the sunlight. They're all about 3 inches or 4 inches tall (lighter used as a reference), except the little one which I feel has some bad genes. It already has wrinkly leaves and whatnot but I'll give it a try. I do have FoxFarm Grow Big, Big Blom, and Tiger Bloom ready to give them. As of now I am just looking for some input on how they look, how tall they are, the spacing between the nodes, color, etc.
    Any comments/opinions will be greatly appreciated, positive or negative :) Just know I'm not here to trash talk.


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    loookin good! i would add a layer of sand to the surface and water less frequently.  when the leaves are drooping quite a bit (not the tiny emerging leaf set when this young though) then really drench the soil.  peat is hydrophobic so the water will run through. A tray to let it soak back will guarantee there are no dry spots so water until the tray doesn't soak up and then drain it
    you probably know this since you have used peat. Just discussing...
    This could make a difference you will notice since the taproot has hit the bottom by now I'm sure
    nice stem strength, leaf color and shape, from what i see from here
  3. Thank you so much Corky! I didn't really get what you were saying about the drooping leaves though...did you mean when the leaves are drooping to water less? I've been trying to not over-water them since they're so young and in such big pots. Will the sand help with the drainage? Also, I forgot to mention, I have 5 different plants going. As far as the taproot goes, I can bet it has reached the bottom but I don't want to put them outside just yet. I have plans to grow them bigger so when the light outside exceeds 12 hrs I can just pop them outside and let nature take care of them.
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    cool, it does sound like you have a handle on it
    I was just suggesting that that very often with bagged soils it's a good idea to let the soil dry out between waterings. Since the bag is often an anerobic enviroenment for a while and it could take a bit longer for the aerobic community to protect from damp-off. 
    as long as the fan leaves (big ones) are drooping considerably every now and then it shouldn't be an issue. I also mentioned that is of course possible to under water a plant so one should not wait for the new growth shoot at the very top of the plant to droop as well. You will (hopefully not) note the drooping apical tip can lead to severe vascular faiure (killing a plant when it runs out of water)
  5. Okay, so not too much but definitely not too little, either. When I first started I got a tip to 'let the plants tell you' when they need water. Thats always worked out fine for me. I do have a question, though.
    The pots they're in are definitely too small and eventually they will get root bound (if ther're not already). I mean, will they still grow outwards rather than upwards? I saw a friends plant a while back, and it was vegged/flowered in a pot not much bigger than mine. It was blue-rhino, not sure if that matters, but the trunk was thick and it was a BUSH. And for my first grow, I never put them in the ground, vegged them and flowered them all in 5-gallon pots. Problem was that they kept growing up and not out, so there weren't many nodes for the bud to form. I guess to sum up my question is can my plants grow to be bushes in the pots they're in?
    I do have plans to put them in the ground, but like i said, I'd rather them be bushes when I do instead of sticks.
  6. by the way, just peeked at your gallery...NICE plants my friend. All beauties.
  7. Just top them a cpl times when they get a few nodes larger, u can get it as bushy as u desire

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  8. much obliged, nugs. would fimming also do the trick? i've never done that but i've topped before.
    i actually just popped them outside and noticed some new growth on the first set of nodes. i'll post some pictures soon :)
  9. So I made one with a circle to show what I'm talking about. I'm hoping those aren't stipules and its new branches coming in! I attatched a photo without the circle if it makes it easier to see.
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    Also attatched is a group photo! :D
  10. just an update, i think im going to start a new thread because i dont want the title to be '2nd week of...' when its actually been months. and i just repotted the little girl in the square pot to a round 5 gallon. she was already rootbound D:

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