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second to getting caught picking yur nose

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, May 13, 2002.

  1. is being watched having all out full fledged karoke in the car.! even country folk have to stop at intersections. and you know how sometimes a lil'tune takes over an,an an you just cant help yourself!..this time it was meat loaf- and you know you cant DO meat halfway. so im like at the "colorize my life im so sick of black an white"part and im ALL INTO IT, loudly, with feelings an all and i notice all these people in a front yard starrin at ma ass. i put my arms back on the wheel and pretend like i was not just doing what i was doing. <driving with my knee so i could choriograph (uh,wtf u know what im trying to spell) better. an i was wondering why? they dont put lil mic's in cars now so we can all be stars. :D
    i was telling/showing my OLDman the other day a reinactment you might say, an he says stop it,..look people think were fighting! this cracked me up and you might even say encouraged me. an yea people were starrin' so he decideds if i dont stop he's going to pick his nose,...i say i dont care, im just dancing your the idiot picking your nose, now whose the people starring at eh?
    an these are our neighbors. well kinda.
    i mention he was the idiot that put that kinda system in a moms ride. :D
  2. LMAO How about putting on a show for us? I think you could become the OFFFs beauytifull dancer!!LOL

    maybe even a strip dancer would be better. Hehehehe
  3. ya'll take back that babysitting comment an you just might be suprised ;)

  4. That might be worth finding another babysitter for. LOL
  5. Highawatha!!!! That is too funny!! I was kicked back reading it and just died out laughing. The reinactment is the funniest, though. You looked like you were fighting!!! You must have been giving it everthing you had!

    I was busted a few weeks ago in my car at a stop light. I was listening to this song-"Lick It" or "Lick It Good", I really don't know what it's called but the chorus is "My neck, my back, lick my p**** just like that". I was singing every last word and loud with the system up and the windows down. I turned to my right and this older freaky looking man is just staring at me. Then, he started grinning. I was so embarrassed and could not wait for the light to turn green. I should have just picked my nose as soon as I looked at him.
  6. LOL @ the Karoke in the car!!! I've been "caught" quite a few times, doing that!! :D:

    But when I want to pester PoohGator I wait till we're in a crowded public place.Then I do my best imitation of Eddie Murphy singin' "Roxanne" in a high pitched voice!!!Lmao_Of course I don't get to perform much of it, as it's hard to sing and duck punches at the same time!!! LOL :smoking:
  7. Cowboy and RMJL thats some funny shit.

    If you want to embarress someone real good, do what I do.

    I take people out to lunch if they have embarressed me and when we are hlf way through eating I'll let a squeeling loud fart and then look at who ever ids with me and say "if thats all you got to do i'm leaving" then i get up and leave them sitting there. People star at them till they leave.
  8. Where is the Karoake Carpool Lane?

  9. Lol,.....ALL over the road, if you're really gettin' into it!! :D:

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