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Second Time smoking pot.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skillsforilz, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. This is my second time smoking pot. My first time was over a month ago. I bought a G at school from my friend yesterday. The feeling of this high is amazing!! It was $25 for a G but it's supposively really dank. Took three bowls out of my water bottle bong. My first time I laughed so hard and couldn't control myself. But I feel the same body feelings as last time except I control my thoughts. I swear my dog seriously looks amazing and I never knew how soft and cuddly he was. Anyone else blazed like me?
    Btw, my eyes aren't red, so I guess I can get blazed in front of my parents. :D
  2. ah man i wouldn't pay 25 for a gram no matter how "dank" it was, you should have tried to haggle him a bit.
  3. You smoked an entire gram of dank by yourself on your second time? Damn. I don't think I could have done that with a low tolerance. Then again, maybe you reached your max high and the rest was just overkill.
  4. LOL I love that sentence. This actually reminds me of the second time I smoked, but it was the first time I actually got high. My friend brought over some stuff that was supposed to be really good, and we shared about a gram or so over two bowls. After the second one I just kept laughing every time i looked over at him because I swear he looked like a damn alien. Every time I saw his face it was like an alien version of him, and of course it was hilarious. Then I watched Ghostbusters and Bill Murray kept talking in slow motion, great high.

    Edit: Bumped a double post. Thats what I get for waiting 10 minutes between typing and posting.

  5. I didn't smoke the whole gram. Not even a quarter of it. I have a socket for the bowl for my water bottle bong. I'm still decently high at the moment. Not as much as I was before.

  6. Haha, I was so high and I swear that's how I felt the first time I pet him while high.
  7. 3 things. i hate to hate but dude if your under 18. leave, never buy in school, and dont pay more than 20
  8. Just because you don't have redeye, doesn't mean your parents won't catch on. Realistically you want to become used to pot before being around your parents whilst you're stoned, that way you'll better understand the effects and be able to mask them more effectively.
  9. lol, I remember one time I was blazed and in my kitchen. Saw my mini wiener dog and just busted up laugh realizing how funny looking a wiener dog is.

  10. I was fine around my Mom.
  11. $25 for a gram is amazing!
  12. my first time being high was actually induced by green dragon. My friend and i cut an entire line of people to get pizza and we both ate a large pie :) i love food when im sober. i LOVE food when im high.
  13. I wish my eyes didn't get red :(

  14. Well they were slightly red. The majority of the time I was high they weren't red much.
  15. Dude! Your so lucky! $25 per gram! Never buy anything above $20 a gram bro keep those prices down and don't contribute to the overinflated price of weed.
  16. i agree with some of the people here $25 for a g that better be the dankest shit ive ever smoked.
  17. It's 10/g here, you guys aren't being serious...?

  18. Well it's really dank but those are the prices where I live.

  19. I'm buying dank stuff, not cheap weed.

  20. It's pretty dank man.

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