second time grow

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  1. I grew one time about a year and a half ago with the same equipment and it was a real learning curve. I messed up a lot and ended up stressing the plant to high hell and turned it male. i thought it was a pretty successful learning experience for it being my first time because after I learned what I was doin wrong, the plant grew beautifully. I decided to give it a second shot.

    im using a 400w interchangeable ballast for a metal halide and hps. also using 2 13w and 2 23w cfls for veg.
    using bag seed.
    gonna use the 3 fox farm nutes.
    using 8ft x 4.5ft x 3ft closet.
    fox farm ocean forest soil.
    I just put 4 seeds in a wet paper towel last night so I'm waiting for them to crack.

    this is also my first post so I sure hope that I have this in the right section. any tips or comments will be appreciated because I understand I have a lot more learning to do.

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