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Second Time: Drunk and High

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Method3909, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. Got high for the second time last night off a fat blunt. I was also drinking a Sambuca mix at the same time. Long story short, I was drunk and blazed and it felt great, lol. What I don't understand is that the day after I smoked for the first time, I felt horrible. I was burnt out and exhausted. On top of that, it only took about two hits for me to get high. Second time around I took about 5 hits and I was drunk. Woke up today and I feel perfectly normal. Could my body be used to the smoke inhalation already? Did drinking actually help the after high?

    We played some GTA IV and COD4. Funny thing is that I can't really remember much about either game. I had the headset and was talking to one of my online buddies and I think I called him a "gardener" because he hopped into a large van, lol. I remember bits and pieces of COD4. I do remember that once the game was over I had 4 kills and 20 deaths. I had a great time, but I like remembering things the day after. :D
  2. each time you smoke you're lungs build up.
    it is quite possible; i mean personally i wake up everyday and run 2 miles

    and i get blitzed every night lol
    some people adjust differently
  3. Yeah, that's true lol.
  4. you said your first time high you were wacked the next morning, thats because you've never danced with Mary Jane before .. she wore you out pretty good .. happened to us all .. eventually(at least for me) you wont be completely in an amnesic state the next day and be like damn whatd i do last night ... now i pretty much remember everything as if i was sober.

    hope i could help
  5. some people get used to it faster then others.

    i mean i cant smoke a cigg for my life! even prime times(cigarillos) are harder then weed! but hey i like it that way .
  6. Maybe the first time you smoked weed it was some brown frown or some kind of dirt weed, that always seems to give me the same headache and a lethargic-depressing feeling. But on the contrary, congratulations on becoming introduced with smoking cannabis, it's a great habit.
  7. I find that the day after a drunk-high I'm extremely mellow and just along for the ride in life. However, I also usually have a "happy-over" after I just smoke. I mean I cough sometimes, but I've never felt burnt after smoking. I think CanaBliZZ is right, it could've been schwagg at first.
  8. Thanks for all the good replies guys. I also found it weird that both times I've smoked I didn't cough once. I've had virgin lungs for 17 years and I have exercise induced asthma, lol.
  9. Lol. Happened to me too. I could never remember what I did. Now I remember more of what happens when I'm high, than when I'm sober. I'm high alot though.:smoke::D:smoke:

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