Second time around

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by ReallyRed, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. well, daring the storm i'm trying to start some new plants... got some really nice soil to use, bout 20-30 sphagnum moss, 10 perlite and the rest topsoil... right now they're germinating under natural light... i know i know, but i don't have the means to get or even put up some nice HPS lights (i am planning on that)

    so far, nothing, but i've been making sure that the germinating tray is properly moist... and as always i've been giving them good vibes as well.

    so, at this stage, any suggestions? what kind of humidity and soil wetness should i be aiming for... before i was just seeding an watering nothing special.
  2. youre fine, you dont need to deviate from what youre doing now, in a couple of days, you will have itty bitty baby mj plants :)

  3. yea... g'luck... let's see some pics

    i love the seedling stage... lol
  4. okay, i'm starting to get a little worried... no signs of life yet and it's been a week so far...

    i admit that patience is part of the game, but damn this is twice as long as the last time...

    if i don't see any signs by next weekend, i think i'm going to call this one a scrap and start fresh.
  5. Just make sure you keep them warm and they'll poke there heads out soon!

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