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second thread in 2 days- bubblegum, watermelon (very nice)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by thepines416, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. got them for 50 a quarter so i had to try them out. this watermelon has a great smell to it. reminds me of this grapefruit i had a few years back. the bubblegum is real nice too. especially for the price.


  2. I had some that looked just like that Watermelon.

    Have fun smokin!
  3. Liking that price
  4. i would LOVE to get that bud for that price, i'd be pickup up two ounces every time haha
  5. it's not as primo as the stuff im used to
  6. 100 for a halz oz, fuck you. Nice buds >=[
  7. mmmm a fat bongrip
  8. dayumm... dank buds for a great price... i wish Montana would just switch to 25/eighth, 50/q, 100/half, and 200/oz pricing... you can get prices like that... if you know a grower or have your card. Canada is too legit... as far as weed goes ;)

    I want to visit BC soon... ive only been to Calgary AB... and i can barely remember that as a kid. Happy Toking. :smoke:
  9. 200 an oz... damn id be buying like an hp a week
  10. I can get half lbs for $1000-1500 depending on what state im in... Washington and Oregon have the lowest prices, my buddy, bro and i just threw down a 750/5oz deal in Seattle, so i got an oz for $150. Ive only bought qp's for $700-800 here in Montana.
  11. high quality?
    i can get outdoor blueberry at 475 a qp and locally growbn champagne for 525 a qp.

    neither are great but cheap as all hell.

    and im in toronto- aka the centre of the universe ;)
  12. I'm surely wrong but those buds just don't look all that to me. Regardless enjoy them OP.
  13. Looks great for the price.
  14. these are legitimate mids. nothing more. for the price theyre great. but i normally stick to my high grades. check other threads.
  15. One of them has the craziest stem/leave like a vortex
  16. Yeah... OG Chunk and Fruity AK is what i grabbed... innies. And this is America so anything below 900/qp is a good deal imo.
  17. that shit looks great for that price.
    both of these go for 700 a qp. which is a decent price for mid grade. it's still coming to toronto from b.c, right along with all the kush etc, this is just something cheap to keep around. and the watermelon is getting me ripped right now as i type, so it does it's job.

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